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You have not opened this page by accident, no coincidence has brought you here, it was not by chance that we should meet. Your guides have led you to this place because there is a message waiting for you.

Allow me to consult the Tarot for you. Sometimes a little insight can change your life
They can help to prevent you from making the wrong choice, guide you in making the right decisions, and bring to light the things you were previously unable to see.

Additionally I offer follow up Guidance Sessions where we can discuss how to set your goals and get you started on the first few steps towards achieving them,using the deck to ask questions and gain insight throughout the process. Usually one or two sessions will provide you with a clear map to success.
This can refer to goals with business, love, spirituality, health , and anything else the client chooses. If choosing this option, please let me know in the space provided.

Ever wish you could get inside your spouse's head?Do you have a mysterious teenager and you need the inside scoop. Don't hesitate to ask the cards about somebody else!

Would you like to better understand who you are and why? We can do a series of readings and activities designed to help you explore your subconscious giving you a clearer view.

Dont wait for clarity that may never come. Seek and you shall find!

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I'm Ophilia

I would like to be your new advisor!

I am a second generation psychic and was raised up reading the tarot and exploring the world of the unseen and unknown. I am certified in shamanic medicine as well as in tarot coaching, and I have been gifted with a high sensitivity to all energies. Wherever you are in life, I have guidance to offer you. We all have angels and spiritual guides trying to tell us something, often unable to cut in through the "noise." Schedule your first session today and allow me for to divine and deliver the message that is waiting for you!

Schedule an In Depth Reading today, always affordable, $25
Schedule a fast Reading for only $10
Or schedule an an additional Tarot Coaching session to get moving in the right direction.
Only $30

If you would like to receive a one card message via email you may send payment of $5 via cash app to @magicmorningtarot and a screenshot of the transaction to [email protected] with TAROT as the subject

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Tarot Parties

North Central Arkansas Area

If you live in the North Central Arkansas Area, I can travel to you! I am available for live readings as well as Tarot Parties. Email me for prices and details .

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The Charm Shop

Check out my Charm Shop, where I sell hand made, fully charged, beautiful one of a kind pocket charms that can be made to order. Purchase a charm to attract money, love, luck, wisdom, spiritual guidance, protection , and just about anything else. Shop my (still growing) read made collection or email me with your request at no extra cost. Charms are typically $10- $15 depending on their difficulty to make. Each charm is made with an ancient technique known as Paper Quilling and they are each both interesting and exquisite. They are created in sacred space with purpose and intent and blessed through a shamanic ritual.
Send special requests to:
[email protected]
With Charms as the subject!

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