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We created this channel in order to ask for your help. How does it work? Once we hit our target views and subscribers and got monetized, all profit that this youtube channel will get is going to be donated on our chosen charities or organizations.

The OSTT Team created this project in order to help people that badly needed our help. By watching those compilation of entertaining Tiktok videos by great creators, whether known or not, you are already helping those charities and organizations.

This website will serve as everybody's transparency website to see where we're at, our milestones, our future plans and projects, and the same time, where the money is going.

DISCLAIMER: This project is not sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Tiktok and Youtube.

We, the OSTT Team chose not to expose our identity because we wanted to do it for the sake of other people and not us. But if you wish to contact us privately, we will post the link here soon because we're still working on the form. 😊


Here is the timeline of our milestones! Thank you everyone for making this happen!

Hit our 4k Hours Views

September 2020: We finally hit the 4,000 hours! Thank you for making this happen! We are now waiting to reach our 1,000 followers to start!

Created this Channel

August 7, 2020: We uploaded our first video here and finally started to creat this project!

Outreach and Other Programs

This is the page where you will be able to see our past and current projects for this donation drive. 🤍

Currently waiting to get monetized to start our first project! 🤍 For now, subscribe and watch any of our videos to get entertained and be part of this project!