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We are a family business focused on building a better future for yours.

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Douglas & Vanessa

We live a Beautifully Happi life, we want everyone else to experience theirs.

Our entire world changed in 2019 when we had our youngest son Maurice. We knew we missed to much of our older boys growing up, we had to change to ensure we played an active role as Maurice grew as well as repair what we’ve missed from our older boys.
We decided to take the plunge and invest in ourselves, we created a plan and Douglas quite his job.
We created our programs, used (still do daily) our methods and started living our Beautifully Happi life. We have transformed individually, as a couple, as parents and witnessed the growth in our children.
In late 2021, we decided it is selfish of us to keep this way of life to ourselves so we opened Ong’iyo LLC. Now, we are able to help other people unlock their inner happiness and live their versions of a Beautifully Happi life. Beautifully Happi is not just about your health, it is everything. It is learning financial independence, mental well-being, emotional health, self care, self love and healing from past trauma.
We work with you individually getting to know you, together we discover your version, create and plan of action and help you achieve it. We are here to support you as you grow, with calm reassuring assertive guidance every step of the way.

Your Beautifully Happi life awaits you