What do we do? —

Online or at school we know what to do!

Hey! You think that your grade a really bad? You have so much missing work and can’t do it? We’ll hold your tears( tell your mama to hold her belt too 🤭) because we can help! We only do per K- 5th I promise I’ll update later.


Well you have to pay

Okay so you’ve done some research and you’ve decided that you need to get in shape or get in trouble. Okay, I get you need help from a place that isn't trying to rob your pockets for a lesson! 🤔 I'm not Albert Einstein but I think we can well! Below is the email address and phone number.

schoolforyou987@gmail.com #9086257322

What grade level we go up to and why?

Why do only do these low grade levels

We do have people who do the 6-12 grades but as those kids get older they get ruder and pay less attention. We don’t mom wanting a refund because then no one gets paid. The we have this big mess because what?!?! Your child didn’t pay attention. 😑😑😑

Guessing with price

Give better tips on priceing

Okay, 😔 we know you're mad because you've looked high and low for FREE help with school work 💼. So now you're ready to quit. I am right, right! So like me tell you about our prices

1-5 minutes about 3$-10$
10-30 minutes 10$-15$
30-45 minutes 15$-30$
45 minutes-1 hour 30$-45$
These are the basic prices, not VIP just live zoom one on one okay!

Promise done! 🥰

We do 6-7 grade now!

So around our first or second side here we said that we only do perK to 5th right!

They said we were gonna add more grades we did! We have perK-7th your welcome. The next slide is something that will make you happy!

6&7th grade throw a PARTY

(Go check out our prices)