This is what i had to say....

Yes! You matter Riya...🌻

Yes!!! I want to love you and protect you and your angelic face and your beautiful smile I will fight the whole world just to see your gorgeous happy face everyday. I want to cuddle you and keep you safe in my arms forever words cannot explain how much affection I have for you. I never want to see you sad. My love for you is infinite and will it never ever end I care for nothing but you. I can't contain my love for you no matter what I do I will never stop loving you until my breath lasts....♥️

I wish to dance with you, Your hands on my shoulders mine on your waist. I wish, We holding each other so close that you would smell like me.

You're one of my top reasons for looking forward to a new day. Just thinking of meeting up, hearing your voice and seeing your beautiful smile is enough to make me happy. I wish I could always feel like I do when I'm with you. Sometimes I just close my eyes and daydream.🫂🥹♥️

I really look forward towards something with you! And i will wait for you till my breath sees apart! We look good together.. don't we?

So, as the future unfolds its mysterious curtains, I will be here, beside you, cheering you on, and embracing whatever destiny has in store for us. Until that day, when the stars align and fate intertwines our paths, I remain devoted to you, my heart and soul attuned to the possibility of a love that could be...😌

You are the sweetest best thing that happened in my life...✨♥️