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A fourteen year old girl, living in Cagayan de Oro City.

In this website,

You will know more about me and what is happening in my life. I will also share ideas and hacks that worked for me.

I will tell my thoughts and opinions about this certain matter and will give you the best review of a new thing or product that I will test. 🤍

My Top Suggested Wattpad Stories

If you are a bookworm like me, feel free to check out my suggested stories below.

“Reading brings us unknown friends” – Honoré de Balzac

Until Trilogy by Jonaxx

Klare Desteen Ty & Elijah Riley Montefalco

Book 1: Until He Was Gone
Book 2: Until He Returned
Book 3: Until Forever

Love can conquer all.

Love requires sacrifices.

"We can fool the world, but we can't fool ourselves."

First Book Link ›

University Series by 4reuminct

You need to listen to the both sides of the story.

You need to sacrifice your love for your partner to reach his/her dream.

If it's toxic, you need to let go and heal.

Architect Louisse Natasha Valeria
FA Ashianna Kim Fernandez
CEO Amora Elyse Ledezma

Atty. Kalix Jace Martinez
Capt. Akihiro Leonel Juarez
Engr. Sebastian Vincent Camero

(ps. the covers are not accurate)

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Tripped by Jonaxx

Alegria Girls Series #3

This teaches us that no matter how difficult life gets, if you will fight every battle bravely, you will have a payback in the end and it is HAPPINESS.

"To live a life worth living means to take risks and chances."

Lilienne Ylena Altamirano
Riguel Jameson Alleje

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Baka Sakali Trilogy by Jonaxx

This teaches us that even though we are not sure if the love you give to a person will be given back to you, you still choose to give them because in the end, all your sacrifices and pain will be replaced with joy and contentment.

"We are both bound to change and sometimes changing means falling apart."

Roseanne Aranjuez
Jacob Antonio Buenaventura

First Book Link ›

Taste of Sky by Ventrecanard

This taught me that in order to save the world, you need to sacrifice. You need to endure the pain to save millions of people. But for Behati, she sacrificed the love of her life just to save the world.

Behati Azalea Monsanto
Peter Armstrong

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