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Motherhood & Mental Health


I’m Sara, a 35 year old Mother to a spirited 6 year old girl and 1 year old baby boy. I relocated to the beautiful island of Anglesey in 2020 from the Midlands and am originally from south Manchester.

I take my clients on a journey of healing and transformation so that they can be reborn as Mother’s and individuals.

I support women who feel emotionally drained as they navigate the labyrinth that is Motherhood. Through the deep work that we do, I enable my clients to lead happier, more balanced and sustainable lifestyles.

I support emotional and mental health through the use of practical, holistic and therapeutic healing techniques that allow us to move forward freely without guilt or Anxiety.

I’m a trained therapist who specialises in working with Mothers because I have lived experience of severe Post Natal Depression, Anxiety, OCD & Postpartum Psychosis.

I believe that we all go through mental health struggles, especially during the turbulent transition to motherhood (Matrescence). It can be a very lonely, exhausting, anxiety provoking and overwhelming time during which we often feel ambivalent and resentful. Not to mention the sleep deprivation which has a lot to answer for!

My promise is to be a person who truly understands and empathises with what my clients are going through right now. To be a shoulder to cry on, an impartial ear to listen and a pillar of strength in times when they feel they have none.

Motherhood is hard, in fact it can be brutal, even without the added pressures of ill mental health. Cut yourself some bloody slack, I know you’re being hard on yourself! Just remember…perfection doesn’t exist, and your kids need to know that too. You are doing it Mama and I’m here for you.

If you’re interested in working with me👇🏼

I work on an ad hoc or 3 month Basis.

My ad hoc sessions are £150 for 90 minutes
To read more about my 12 week packages, head to my website :-)

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It’s important to me that I tailor my packages to my clients’ needs where possible or required because there is no one size fits all when it comes to therapy. Trust me on that one!

You deserve to feel good, you deserve to enjoy motherhood and you are worthy of living a life free from Trauma and illness.

Sara x

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