Are you and your children perfect?

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My name is Courtney. Christ-follower, wife, mom of two little sinners and a dog. Yes, that last bit was necessary. I've met numerous mom's and grandparents that think their children are the best at everything and can never do wrong... And if they did, well their child was running with the wrong crowd. It never occurs to them that their child is the wrong crowd. Don't hate to break it to you but, if you are perfect or if you think your kids are perfect, then bye. Spending your time here will just trigger you.
Still reading.
Okay cool. This blog is about my struggles as human parenting little humans. Both imperfect, but; I have a little secret; I know something that is perfect- actually someone. Jesus Christ, the Bible. I do my best to think biblically and parent biblically. Here you will find my journey in this endeavour, tips perhaps and definitely mistakes, sin; BUT you will also find my perfect Lord and Savior who died and rose again so that I could inherit His perfection ...whenHecomes.
If you down with that.... I welcome you, friend.

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On this channel I post Content from short films, to short kid stories, to day in life videos, to u boxing and just plain ole vlogging. Vlogs are frequent on Tuesdays. I call em thoughts Tuesday because I ramble a bunch on whatever topic's on my mind. Comments agreeing or disagreeing encouraged. We all must keep learning.


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Homeschooled kids cause school shootings?!

Yes, we are Christians.

And yes we homeschool and live in the middle of nowhere.

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Biblical parenting

When in doubt refer to prayer and the Word. I mean, does the Bible really say nothing about what I should do when I tell my toddler , " don't touch anything on the shelves" and they look me in the eye and do it anyways??
Short answer: YES.
Long answer: Children obey your parents I. lots for this is right. Also spare the rod,spoil the child.