Welcome! Let me introduce myself, I’m Hope. I started my blog because I found that I’m AMAZING at finding the best deals for myself and my friends/family.
I won’t lie, half the time I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast that morning… BUT I remember every price I see. This means I can follow and track prices to give you all the best deals!

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9/28/21 Today at Walmart I found a little bit of everything in the clearance aisle! Always check the clearance!! I also had some free time, so I ended up scanning everything in the baby section, and found tons of unmarked clearance items! I found multiple baby car seats for 50% off or more! Always scan!


9/20/21 Today at Kirklands I found TONS of autumn stuff for 25% off and some with an even higher mark down, get ready for autumn with this awesome home decor 🎃


9/15/21 Today during my clearance hunt at Target, I found tons of home decor and appliances on clearance. If you are looking to redo a room or moving into a new home, check out your local Target ASAP! 😍


9/9/21 I found tons of great pots and pans at Marshalls at crazy low prices! They had All-Clad, Calphalon, and other top rated brands on clearance 🤩

TJ Maxx

9/6/21 I haven’t been to TJ Maxx in a week and I am so glad I was finally able to get back in there! There are tons of great deals in my local store today from Coach and Tory Burch boots/booties to mens Vince shirts! I was even able to find a Vince silk dress that retails over $250 on clearance for only $79! My favorite find today was a James Perse jumpsuit for $69!!

Marshalls & HomeGoods

8/31/21 I have seen this All Clad slow cooker at multiple Marshalls and HomeGoods stores within the last few weeks. All Clad products are great quality and not cheap! This slow cooker retails normally around $300, but at the TJX stores, they are literally have price!


8/25/21 This morning I went into Walmart and they had tons of women and children’s shoes on clearance, and not just summer picks! Lots of everything! I was able to get a pair of the coziest slippers for only $3 🥰


8/25/21 If you need a new laptop, run to Target! Do not walk, RUN!! There are a lot of amazing deals right now!!! 💻

At Home store

8/23/21 Check out the At Home stores for these gorgeous ombré Dutch ovens! These are under $70, and a great dupe to LC!

Ross Dress For Less

8/19/21 Today I found some great designer finds at Ross! I know there is A LOT of everything and it can be overwhelming but it’s worth the search! I always find a few goodies there! Today I found Saint Laurent, Gucci, Burberry, Vince, JBL, MK, Coach, and Hunters! Do not sleep on Ross!

TJ Maxx

8/18/21 The summer is coming to an end, and fast! Make sure to check out your local TJ Maxx to grab tons of “end of the summer” savings! Grab bathing suits, sandals, home decor, etc for next summer! You won’t regret it!

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

8/17/21 Check out your local BB&B! They had tons of clearance candles and they smelled AHMAZING! The most expensive candle was under $6 on this display! Tobacco is personally my absolute favorite!

Home goods

Do not sleep on Homegoods! I was able to get this Le Creuset Dutch oven for only $160, this normally retails over $300!!


8/17/21 Yesterday while I was checking out the electronic section in Target, I noticed all of the Apple products have been marked down! Don’t wait for those deals! RUN!!

Check back daily for the best online finds!

9/28/21 For a limited time these puzzles are 49% off making them only, $12.74!!

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Pyrex 22 Piece Set

9/25/21 This Pyrex 22 piece set is normally $72.00 but on sale for only $29.99!!!

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Kate Spade Flip flops

9/23/21 These kate spade new york flip-flops come in 6 different patterns, and are on sale for 78% off!!!!

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Sequined Formal Gown

9/22/21 This gorgeous dress is under $50, comes in 5 color options, and comes in sizes 2-16!!! 🤩

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Restoration Hardware Furry Pillow Cases

9/16/21 Restoration Hardware has these amazingly soft pillow covers on sale for under $60! We have a few and LOVE them!

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Extremely Heavy Duty Phone Cases

9/16/21 If you are constantly dropping or breaking your iphone this case is for you! I’ve used this on my last few phones. Yes, they make your phone alittle heavier but NO, your phone will not break in this! This case is heavy freaking duty like i’ve never seen before in any other case! This is the one for all of you people rough on your phones!!! This case is under $20, with 4.8⭐️ reviews on over 5500 orders!!

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Urban Armor Gear Iphone 11 Pro Cases

9/15/21 Urban Armor Gear has a sale on all their iphone 11 pro cases! Almost all are half off or more! I currently have one on my phone, love them.

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Mini Lip Balm Trio

9/14/21 The Mini Lip Fetish Balm Trio by Pat McGrath is on sale from $25, to only $13! This product has 5⭐️ reviews, and its one of my personal favorites!

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Saint Laurent Sunglasses

9/12/21 These Saint Laurent sunglasses are 75% off! Only $91.25!

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Dry Erase & Chalkboard Set

9/12/21 This dry erase/ chalk board set was originally $70.00 and is now on sale for only $15.00 but with coupon code, “YAYCLEARANCE”, you pay only $13.50!

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Omaha Steaks Assortment Bundle

9/9/21 Omaha Steaks is having a sale today and i’m drooling over it 🤤🤤🤤

For only $99 you can get the “Classic Omaha Steaks Assortment” bundle that is normally $208.94!

This package includes:
4 (5 oz.) Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignons
4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (1 lb. pkg.)
4 (5 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
4 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks
4 (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets
1 (1 oz. jar) Signature Seasoning

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Mens North Face T-shirt

9/9/21 This men’s North Face shirt is on sale for only $10.79!!!

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Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses

9/8/21 These Dior sunglasses retail for $605, and are on sale for $99.99! They come in two color options.

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Small/medium Pet Couch

9/5/21 I’m in love with this luxe pet couch! I wish my pup was a little smaller, or they had large in stock still! This pet couch is normally $100.00 but on sale for $74.50!

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Stuart Weitzman Booties

9/4/21 These @stuartweitzman booties retail for $598 and are on sale for only $139.97, and with the code, “thecut” you get an additional 25% off! 😍😍

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Kitsch Face Masks

9/3/21 This bundle of masks normally cost $54.00 but is on sale for only $27.00! These are the most comfortable masks that i’ve ever owned!

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KitchenAid grill

9/3/21 This KitchenAid grill is on sale from $389.99 to $359.99. If this isn’t the grill for you check around local stores, the end of the summer means a lot of grills are now on sale!

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Robot Vacuum

9/1/21 This Robot Vacuum was originally $649.99 and is on sale for only $169.99! This is a deal of the day, so it wont last long!

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Northeast Outfitters Men’s Flannels

8/26/21 These Northeast Outfitters men’s flannels normally cost $34.99 but today they are priced at only $8.97, and they come in multiple color options.

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Dyson Stick Vacuum

8/24/21 Today only you can save $125 on this Dyson stick vacuum!! People rave about this product!!!

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Boflex Exercise Bike

8/24/21 Get fit & fabulous with this new exercise bike! This Boflex was originally $1499.99 and is now on sale for $999.99! 😍

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Instant 4-in-1 basket air fryer

8/20/21 This 4-in-1 Instant basket air fryer is on sale today for $89.99! You save 25%!

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Boho Vintage 4 x 6 rug

8/19/21 This beautiful rug (4 x 6) is normally $79.00 but today it is only $47.03!! I actually have this rug in my closet and love how colorful and fun it is!

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Amazon Alexa Echo 5 & Blink camera bundle

8/17/21 Today this deal is on sale for only $54.99!

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Truff VS StoneWall?!

Friends these taste EXACTLY the same…. Only Truff cost $10.99 for 6oz & Stonewall cost only $7.99 for 10.05 oz!

Who’s looking for the ultimate travel convertible backpack?

Anyone looking for the ultimate travel convertible bag? I was, so I purchased two, one from Samsonite and one from Tumi.

Tumi “Jane” convertible backpack
Price- $325.00
Size- H: 15in W: 12.75in

Looks prettier than your average travel bag.
You can hide the top strap when using it as a purse.
Easy to convert into different styles.
The bag tag can be personalized.

Smaller than you’d think.
Tablet/laptop sleeve isn’t very protective.
Doesn’t feel like it’s going to hold all my stuff without being nervous it could break.

Samsonite “Mobile Solution” convertible backpack
Price: $104.99
Size: 15.8" × 14.5" × 4"

This is a nice size bag, that holds a lot!
The laptop sleeve feels more protective and fits my iPad Air with the case on.
It has three outside pockets for essentials, makes me so much more organized.
For being nylon this bag is heavy duty.

It’s honestly not as pretty as the Tumi.
It is a little bit more of an effort to change the bag into a backpack.

Both of the bags however are:
fold over large clutch
Both also have a strap to connect the bags to your carry on luggage.

Between the two, I’d personally choose the Samsonite bag. The Samsonite bag is less than half the price. Not only is it larger, it is a lot sturdier.

Home Decor Under $40 (Ali version)

Everything has 4.7⭐️ reviews or more

Handbag Vases

These handbag vases are $40 or under depending which one you choose, and they have 5⭐️ reviews 🙂

Click here to purchase


I LOVE globes, can’t tell you why but I just do! After shopping for months, I finally found one I loved and it was soo expensive! Decorative globes are not cheap!!! These globes are under $40, with 5⭐️ reviews!!!

Click here to purchase

Children Art Prints

These art prints are so cute and under $20! 5⭐️ reviews!!!

Click here to purchase

Candle holders

These candle holders are super fun and super funky! These can be used in many different styles! Depending on which candle holder these are under $22 with 4.8⭐️ reviews on almost 2k orders!

Click here to purchase

Mule Mugs

These cups are gorgeous, I absolutely love these! These have 4.8⭐️ reviews and under $8!

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Wood Serving-ware

All of these pieces are under $11, and they have 4.7⭐️ reviews, with multiple IRL pictures in the reviews. You could buy the exact same items at PB or Target for double or more the price!

Click here to purchase

Abstract Thinker Statue

These statues are under $20, with 4.9⭐️ reviews on over 3k orders! There are tons of IRL pics in the reviews!

Click here to purchase

Pumpkin Dutch Ovens

These individual serving size dutch ovens are super cute and under $35, with 4.8⭐️ reviews.

Click here to purchase

Nordic Wall Art Prints

These prints are super cute, and super fun! Depending on the size you choose they cost $3.26-$15.10! These also have 4.9⭐️ reviews!

Click here to purchase

Luxury Prints

I LOVE these prints! So cool, so stylish! They come in multiple sizes from 13x18cm to 60x90cm. The price only ranges from $2.20-$ 36.17! They have 4.8⭐️ reviews on 84 orders.

Click here to purchase

Lips Ash Tray

This ash tray is so chic! It has 4.8⭐️ on 240 orders. It’s not hard to see why these would be a crowd favorite!

Click here to purchase

Torso Vase

I know torso vases have been super popular and trendy lately, These honestly never would go out of style. They come in two colors, black or white. Now you can get yours 🔥🔥 These beauties have 4.8⭐️ reviews.

Click here to purchase

Lion Piggy Banks

These absolutely precious piggy banks are under $25, with 5⭐️ reviews! These would make great gifts!

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Personalized Finds

All of these items have great reviews and are less than half the price that you would find them for on other sites!

Personalized Socks

These personalized socks are under $8! Get your dog, your significant other, your work logo, or whatever you want on them! These would make fantastic gifts!!!

Click here to purchase

Personalized Reusable Tumbler

These reusable cups are only about $16, and are personalized!!!! There are tons of combinations to design your cup!

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Monogrammed Card Holder

These would make the perfect gifts! Gift yourself one too! These cardholders can be monogrammed for free! Under $5, and 5⭐️ reviews!!!

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Personalized Cosmetic Bag

This adorable transparent cosmetic bag is only $14.99! I’ve seen such similar personalized cosmetic bags over $40! At this cheap price these make great gifts!

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Personalized AirPod case

These AirPod cases are under $5, with 4.8⭐️ reviews on over 1500 orders! I’ve had two of these cases and they are adorable!

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Personalized iPad case

These personalized iPad cases only cost $16, when they originally were $31.98! That’s a good deal! These cases have 4.8⭐️ reviews on almost 1000 orders! I’m about to order one for my iPad!!

Click here to purchase

Personalized phone case

If you are like me and always dropping your phone on the floor, this personalized iPhone case with the strap is meant for you, never drop your phone again! This is one of my Aliexpress must have purchases! These cases are currently on sale for under $10!

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Personalized purse

I’ve seen these exact personalized bags on other popular websites over $120!! That is crazy when you can buy this on Aliexpress for only $66.86! There are tons of pictures in the reviews, next paycheck I’m going to order myself a black one 🤪

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