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Your new designer hire business located in Stafford, QLD.

Hire designer garments for just a fraction of the retail price!

At On Wednesdays We Hire we are committed to helping you find a dress you will love with an easy and friendly service making sure you enjoy the process from start to finish.

Although we are a new business we still have a large variety of designer garments, there is sure to be something for everyone no matter the occasion! And if there isn’t be rest assured knowing that we have plans to expand our designer range and sizes in the future.

Terms and Conditions

By hiring a garment with On Wednesdays We Hire the customer automatically accepts the following terms and conditions as soon as the customer requests a booking. If the customer is under the age of 18 years it is the customer's responsibility to read through these terms and conditions with a parent or guardian.
On Wednesdays We Hire reserves the right to make changes to their terms and conditions at any time without any notice to the customer.

• Try ons are located in Stafford, Queensland.
• All try on bookings to be made via DM or email.
• When requesting a try on please include which garments you are interested in trying on and your event date.
• Try ons are strictly no more than two people at a time. If the customer is under the age of 18 the customer may be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
• Try ons do not hold the requested garment until the hire price is paid in full.
• Fresh fake tans cannot be worn during try ons.

• All bookings are to be made via DM or email, the customer is asked to include the name of the garment they would like to hire and the event date.
• Hires are to be picked up and dropped off in Stafford, QLD. Please contact On Wednesdays We Hire for the full address.
• The customer's hire booking will not be secured until full payment has been made and it has been confirmed by On Wednesdays We Hire.
• Abank transfer receipt must be provided.
• The customer must provide their full name and current address to confirm a hire booking. These details will be checked by On Wednesdays We Hire by viewing and taking a photo of the customer's up to date government issued ID.
• The customer must contact On Wednesdays We Hire prior to coming to the pick up/drop off point.
• Garments cannot be taken away from On Wednesdays We Hire residential property until hire fee has been made in full.
• Postage may be available to the customer on request and at the customer's cost.
• The customer is NOT allowed to lend On Wednesdays We Hire items to anyone else while our garment is in their possession. All garments are the property of On Wednesdays We Hire, bookings are to be made with the person wearing the garment and no one else.

• Once a booking has been made and paid in full On Wednesdays We Hire have a strict no refund policy.
• If the customer would like to cancel, a credit note will be provided up to 14 days prior to the arranged hire date.
• A credit note may apply after 14 days to the arranged hire date for special circumstances, this will be decided by On Wednesdays We Hire.
• Store credits will be given in official COVID-19 lockdowns if they apply to the customer's region.
• Credit notes are valid for 6 months.
• If the customer does wish to cancel they must contact On Wednesdays We Hire as soon as possible.
• Issues with sizing do not qualify for a refund or credit note. The customer is advised to ask in advance about sizing or to book a try on appointment.
• Please be mindful that you are hiring a dress from a dress hire business. All garments have been worn multiple times unless brand new. Garments are well looked after and in good condition. Minor faults/defects are not cause for a refund/store credit.
• In the unlikely scenario that an item is faulty, the customer must notify On Wednesdays We Hire within 3 hours of receiving the garment, provide photographic proof, and return the garment immediately. The customer loses the right to dispute this matter if On Wednesdays We Hire is not contacted within 3 hours of garment collection.
• Faults must be to the extent that the customer cannot wear the dress (applies to major staining, broken zips, rips. Does not apply to faint or small marks including faint fake tan or general wear and tear).

• All weekend hires (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) must be returned by 6pm the following Monday.
• Returns can be made on Saturday, Sunday and Monday between 8am-6pm, unless discussed and confirmed with On Wednesdays We Hire prior to booking.
• Please contact On Wednesdays We Hire as soon as possible if you are unable to return within the allocated time frame.
• Week day bookings occur over a 2 day period and a return time is to be arranged with On Wednesdays We Hire when the booking is made.
• We rely on these return times to ensure the next weekend's hires are ready. A late fee of $10 per day will apply to garments that are not returned on time. If the garment is not returned by the following Wednesday the customer will be charged another hire fee to cover the following weekend’s loss.
• The garment must be returned in the condition it was hired in and in the supplied bag.
• If the garment is lost, stolen, or damaged, On Wednesdays We Hire reserves the right to charge the customer the replacement value of the item or the cost of repairs.
• Garments are not to be returned via Uber or other unaccompanied transport methods.

• Please treat our garments with care and consideration.
• Be mindful when using make-up, fake tan and perfume. Perfume is not to be sprayed directly on garments. Fake tan must be washed off prior to wearing our garments.
• Please also be mindful when around food and drinks.
• Do not attempt to make any adjustments or alterations to our garments. This includes but is not limited to safety pins and clips.
• Do NOT attempt to wash, clean, or remove stains from our garments. Garments are delicate and require certain cleaning to avoid damage.
• If you do damage or stain our garments in anyway, notify On Wednesdays We Hire as soon as possible.
• The customer is liable for any stains or damages to the garment while it is in their possession.
• The customer will be held liable for the full recommended retail price of any garments damaged beyond repair. Irreversible damage includes but is not limited to unremovable stains/marks including make-up, fake tan stains, or any unfixable/irreversible damages.
• If the garment is damaged or stained but reversible the customer is liable for all repair costs.
• We carefully hand-wash and steam all our garments – dry cleaning is not included in the hire price. If the garment is returned with any form of staining that is not hand washable, the customer is required to pay a dry cleaning fee. In cases where dry cleaning is unsuccessful, the customer will also be required to pay the recommended retail price of the garment.
• Recommended retail price payments are separate to repair fees and hire fees. For example, if a dress costs $100 to replace and you spent $30 hiring it and $10 repairing it, the amount you have already paid is not deductible from the recommended retail price fee.

Why Hire?

Hiring is a great way to wear designer garments at a price that’s actually affordable! You just rent it and return it, it’s that easy! You don’t have to worry about if you’ll ever wear it again or go through the hassle of trying to sell the item when you’ve finished using it.

Furthermore hiring garments leads to a reduced consumption in the fashion industry, decreasing production, and putting the breaks on fast fashion. So not only do you get to wear gorgeous designer pieces but you’re also doing your part to reduce the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

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