A Little About Me and How Velovita Has Changed My Life

After becoming a mom a little later than planned, I was really struggling with having enough energy to get through the work day, spend time with my little one, and take care of all of my other responsibilities. Having time to work on myself or to try to lose weight was just a pipedream. I began to research biohacking and nootropics, looking to find a way to optimize my health and well-being.

I have never been willing to commit to taking a bunch of pills or drinking shakes that I hate the taste of. When I discovered Velovita, it was my dream come true.

I actually feel better, I sleep soundly, and without even trying I have started to lose a few pounds. I am much more productive, focused, more patient with my 3 year old, and my 3:00 pm crash is a thing of the past. The best part is that I actually believe in these products because they actually work!

Because SNAPS have helped me so much, I want to get the word out to everyone else who is struggling to get through the day, to lose weight, and who wants to start their journey to a "new you."


I like to keep a few brān and uüth in the fridge, I love them cold ❄️

☀️Brān is the daytime (white) SNAP, this is taken in the morning. Can he taken straight or in a little bit of water. This baby gives you energy and calm like nothing else!

⭐Zlēm is the nighttime (black) SNAP, taken a half hour before bed. I personally put them into a little bit of milk, some ppl take them straight. Week 1, stage 1 is a gentle detox. If the detox is too strong for you, alternate stage 1 and 2 SNAPS ( everyone has different body chemistry 🧪

🌿Uüth is our collagen (green) SNAP, taken any time during the day. I wouldn't recommend taking it at night because it does contain some properties that give you energy. These taste wonderful!

☕Plôs is our new (red) SNAP, taken in the morning with coffee, tea, smoothies etc. It tastes like unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Plôs and brān should be spaced out because there is a whole lot of craving and appetite suppressant going on here!

Take SNAPS 6 days per week with 1 rest day, I don't skip brān and zlēm on the same day.

Message me on Facebook with any questions! I use them all, love them all ❤️. #loveit

We do not make any medical claims, the active ingredients are known to promote these benefits and more!

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Sleep & Slim: nighttime SNAP

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Daytime SNAP!!!

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Our collagen in a SNAP!

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Life can be hard and it can be exhausting. We don't get enough sleep, don't eat right, don't have the energy or ambition to complete the tasks we want to complete. Can't Lose weight, diets don't work, and we don't have time to exercise. We work too hard and play too little.

What if I told you that can all change? You can have more energy, get more quality sleep, lose unwanted pounds, and make more money if you choose to?

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