Building, growing & leaving comfort zones

So happy to have you here! Why?
Because that just means you’re curious & interested to LEARN. Whether you’re interested in learning more about me, what I do & what I love or our award winning products. Either way, I’m glad you clicked that link!

For those who don’t know me, I’m a huge tomboy. I grew up playing football + baseball & fell in love with cars. I started learning about cars when I was a kid watching my dad work on em. I was that nosey kid that asked a million questions a day. My curiosity grew into a hobby & after many years of turning wrenches with friends, my hobby grew into a career. I even decided to up & move from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando to go to school for it. After school, I went off to work at a Chevy dealership. To no surprise, I was the only female technician. I wasn’t too nervous being that I’ve been in male dominate sports & hobbies all my life.
After some time, I started to wonder: is this REALLY what I want to do until I’m 60?!

I started to think about all the things I wanted to accomplish in my life. I quickly realized, staying tied down at a dealership wasn’t going to give me that freedom to create the life I want.

I wanted more.
I wanted to build a business, travel more, be home & raise my puppy, be able to come & go as I please, build a bigger savings account and so much more!

I was tired of:
-asking someone for permission to take a day off for a doctors appointment
-worrying if my boss was annoyed with me for taking a sick day to rest
-asking if it’s okay to take a vacation or waiting a year just to go or worse, getting denied that time off
-working holidays instead of being with family & friends
-someone else telling me what I can earn & limiting me
-waiting a year just for a ONE DOLLAR raise

I was so over it!

I saw so many people join this business & completely turn their life around.
I couldn’t help but think…
“if they can, so can I”
So I decided to take a chance on myself.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
With anything new or different in life, I was nervous & scared as hail.

But I knew if I wanted different results in life I needed to take different actions.

Fast forward to now..
I’m bettering myself DAILY & growing my business. I’m loving the woman I’m becoming! I’m pushing myself everyday & living up to the potential I knew I had in me. I have this business & the amazing supportive community to thank for that!

The best part?
I get to help others do the same!
Seeing my success & growth is awesome.
But to help OTHER PEOPLE grow & finally be happy with where they’re going in life is even MORE AMAZING!! So rewarding!

I said it & a bunch of people said it; I never thought I’d see myself completely stepping out of my comfort zone & LOVING IT. Comfort zones do nothing but hold you back.

If I have one regret; it’s that I didn’t say YES to this years ago.

But that’s okay because everything happens for a reason!
You clicked my link for a reason.
I’m not going anywhere & neither are you!

So what do you say?
Ready to join my tribe & build the life you want?!

Fill out the form below & let’s get to work!