Operose Village


Operose Village is now open!! To those who are interested in moving please make sure to fill out all the information! Any harm caused while moving, we are not responsible for.

Information about Operose Village!

More info

Here at Operose Village, we understand that you and your loved ones might be afraid to come due to the... Incident that occurred years back, but we assure you that we have the best intentions for your life here in Operose Village! It is located in a small area in New York where it is peaceful and perfect for those who like to be in a calm area.

Questions to answer before coming

Please answer the following.

1. Why do you want to come here? Tell us in full detail

2. Will you be coming with anyone? If so, who is it?

3. Will you keep our community safe and clean?

4. What's your blood type?

5. What is your coffin size/ height?

6. Are you ready to move? Or do you need our friendly staff to enter your home and help you?

7. Will you make sure to never enter underground such as the sewer as to not disturb those down there. Your safety is important to us, and we don't want you to get lost or hurt...



If people are eligible to go to school, feel free to do so! Here in Operose Village we have many schools available for those who require education! The Schools we have here are:
1. Operose High (9-12th)
2. Quiet Vill (Nursery-8th)
3. Middle School Rose (5-8th)
4. Operose Jr High (6-8th)


Adressing the rumors spread about our town.

Here at Operose Village, we don't like problems and issues such as these... Apparently rumors have been spreading about a lady wearing all black wandering the town at night pearing through a certain person's window. These rumors aren't true. Our town in completely safe and we hope not to hear more of these childish rumors. Thank you.


Here are some opinions by people who live here!

The Anderson family: This is a wonderful place to stay and so far we haven't seen any strange behavior from anyone or anything! We live in a perfect home with a front and backyard with the perfect amount of space for us, and even though we travel sometimes, our children are still safe when we return.

The Miller family: though it was a bit... questionable that this place was rebuilt, it's perfectly fine and safe. At the moment our daughter and only child, Mika lives there alone, but she has been safe and this place was perfect for her to go to! We fully trust Operose.

The William family: &əł] ų§ ]łəªś÷■■¿¿¿■■■¿¿¿¿■¿●

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Any questions? Email us!


Thank you for your time being interested in our small town! We hope to see many of you in Operose Village soon! As of 5/10/2043, you will be available to register. If you have any questions about Operose, I suggest calling 929-494-7667, or emailing: oxxcottoncloudxxo@gmail.com