I am a mum of 3 boys, wife, God lover an online entrepreneurer.I am currently residing in Ireland for over 14 years. I am a born Nigerian from Edo state. I worked as a health care assistants for over 5 years until I found an amazing opportunity online that can allow me to earn extra income around my kids .
I love to inspire healthy living and also to promote extra income opportunities .My mission right now is to empower and lead people to freedom and success. I started this great opportunity 3 years ago working 12 hours as a health care assistants never had time for my family as I would have love and mysalary wasn't always enough. I really needed to increase my earnings and thank God for a dear friend of mine who shared the opportunity with me.
It has been 2 years since I quited my job and I now work around my kids. I manage my time now with the opportunity.
My mission right now is to help others who wants to improve their earnings and also improve their health.

I am all about positive vibe, encouraging and always looking for ways to uplift and also bring the best in people as I value people alot. Join 100s of individuals in my organisation and learn how to earn online.
You must be 18+ & resident in the following countries; UK , Netherlands, France, Italy, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweeden, Australia, Austria, Finland, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Israel, UAE, Belgium, Ireland & more

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Your body is the only place you have to live

I started this great opportunity because I wanted to lose some weight. I used to have high cravings and imbalance metabolism. I found an plants based product that supported me reduce my cravings I used to weigh 90kg within one year I lost 20kg.
What this plant based product has done for me it has helped me to improve my energy and also helped me crave more for fruits and vegetables
No rigid diet and gym .I love how this plant based product have supported my immune system and also helped me get rid of constipation medication.
I am energised with the plant based.
I enjoy working out especially skipping, I sleep well . I enjoyed the one simple change organised by the team and also the shred 10 challenge.



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Your health journey can begin at the dinner table, in the gym, or just walking in your neighborhood. If you are having trouble sticking with exercise, it is good to remember your “why.”