Meet Crissy Lee!


2020 has brought some big changes to my life. In January, I started my new journey into motherhood. There have been many joyous times, many overwhelming times, and everything in between. 8 months later, I am now starting my journey as an optometry student at Illinois College of Optometry.

On social media, it may seem as though everything is picture perfect, but I want to assure you that I am just like everyone else. I’ve made many mistakes and I’ve gone through tough times.

I will be sharing all of my highs and lows of being a mom, a student, an employee, and so on. I will be as transparent as I can be.

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you!

2020 Reading List

Along with each book, I’ve added a small summary and a rating!

Unsheltered x Barbara Kingsolver

This book centers around a house and tells the story of two families that lived there during different time periods.

From one time period, a husband is exploring the newly discovered findings of Charles Darwin. He creates a lot of uproar in his community as he is the first to teach these ideas. In another time period, a family is struck with tragedy from insecurity and loss. Both are navigating through life while struggling to accept the end of the world as they know it.

I loved the book, but it is quite a slow read.


Becoming x Michelle Obama

This autobiography tells the life of Michelle Obama. It tells the story of her growing up in Chicago and how every life decision has impacted her life.

I loved this book so much. I found it very relatable. I related to her feeling out of place when she first started her higher education, exploring motherhood while also balancing a career, and being a supportive friend and partner.

I would definitely recommend this book especially to women of color because there is so much we can relate to our own lives.

Crazy Rich Asians trilogy

I absolutely loved this trilogy. If you are into drama and high fashion lifestyles, this series is definitely for you!

The series centers around the family of Nicolas Young, who is a part of one of the richest families in all of Asia. From scandals, to heartbreaks, rich Asian culture, romance, drama, this series has it all!

I could not put these books down and I was very pleased with the ending (which is not the case for many series).


P.S. It is much different (and better) than the movie!

Crissy’s Insight —

What I’ve learned through my journey as a mom and as an optometry student

Getting Started!


It is so surreal that I am actually here at Illinois College of Optometry for my orientation. I have dreamed of being in this position since I was 12 years old. After attending orientation, it has made everything seem so official and has made me really recognize the position that I am in.

Yesterday, was our first day of orientation. I got my school ID and seeing my name on my ID and seeing it say "Optometry Student" gave me a rush. We did a tour of the campus and after my tour I had about a 2 hour break until the next event. This break, made me very anxious. I am a commuter, so it wasn't like I could go home and come back for the next thing. I don't know anyone here so I was very afraid that I would have to spend my break all by myself. Luckily, I made a friend who was also a commuter, so we stuck together.

Because of COVID, a lot of our events are virtual, so we had a virtual meeting and then we went to dinner with our small groups. The dinner was amazing, not only the food, but I met some pretty amazing people. There were a lot of times leading up to this moment that I felt alone and like I would never be able to fit in. Having dinner and meeting a few people, made those feelings finally subside.

On Day 2, it was very overwhelming. We met with a lot of departments such as financial aide and other resources. It was a lot of information to digest. We also had a lot of speakers come in and this made me very nervous. I was nervous because they really made it clear what I was signing up for. They talked about how much of a work load everything would be, how much debt I would be in, and how there will often be times that I would have to choose what my 1 priority was and make sacrifices when necessary.

Everything is very overwhelming at this point, but I am hopeful and confident that with time I can find a routine and method that is right for me.