Personal sessions —

Channeling/Guidance session:

In your personal session, I speak with your guides and other beings that would like to come through. This could be ascended masters, galactic beings, etc.

First we have a zoom call where I can meet you and feel your energy. This is when you can ask any questions you have. I often receive messages from your guides in this call and offer loving channeled guidance.

I will then channel for you privately during meditation. It is usually a lengthy session, about 30-45 min. After, I will transcribe the session and email it to you. It looks a lot like the conversations I share on Instagram, but personal for you.
Then you can feel free to follow up with any questions you may have.

Keep in mind that the guides may not always give you the answers you want, but they will give you what you need at the present time. I do not believe is asking about the timing of things in the future as there are infinite timelines and you choose which one you are on moment by moment. ❤️

Exchange is $222

Distance Reiki Healing Sessions:

Right before your session, we will have a quick zoom call so I can tune in and feel into what needs to be cleared. I use a combination of energy work, channeling, crystals, and whatever I am guided to do in the session. These sessions are guided, and are unique to each person. It will clear your energy field of stagnant energy, and often these sessions are activations in healing and becoming a clearer channel.

Exchange is $188

The really deep work that I do is what some would call soul retrieval sessions. These are deep trauma healing sessions where I channel your guides and do energy work. I work with reiki, crystals, and whatever I’m guided to do. I usually recommend at least three sessions over time. I currently only offer these in person, as they are very powerful. If you are feeling called to this type of healing, please email me.

Minimum sliding scale for this session is $250.


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Testimonials —

Client Love 💕

“I’m basically speechless, the intensity of the clarity that I received is absolutely magical. Michelle has a unique gift. She was able to clearly channel a message(s) from my guides. This message was precisely the answer to my questions. So vivid, so true that I felt it in the depths of my soul. Tears flew through me as I resonated so deeply with what was said. If you are feeling called to have Michelle channel for you, I highly recommend taking action. I will forever cherish what she has done for me. I will never be the same. I am blooming as a being because of our experience. I now know truth within me that I questioned before. I thank you Michelle from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gifts with the world.”
-Haley G.

“Michelle is a true conduit of healing, and transformation. I receive such profound results after each session.

I come to her when I’m feeling stuck, lost, out of the alignment, or experiencing stagnant/blocked energy, and I leave her space feeling the exact opposite. Clear, aligned, expanded, and at peace.. usually floating out the door in bliss and smiles.

Her channelings have been mind blowing, and soooo on point as well. It’s really magical.

I highly, highly recommend her services to anyone feeling like they need any kind energy work. She’s the real deal.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, Michelle. You are a major blessing to the world.” -Andy

“I've received a few channeled sessions from Oracle Divine (the lovely Michelle) over the last few years, and each one brought me hope, clarity, tools to heal and move forward in life, and so much more! Michelle's warmth, heart, and attentiveness during our phone consultation put me at ease, and got me excited for what was to come. The channeled beings bring so much energy and love to their messages (as well as a ton of very specific information), and I feel grateful to have received them. I look back at the messages in awe and also as a point of reference for my own growth, and highly recommend a session with her. Thank you so much Michelle for sharing your gift! You are a beautiful, bright soul and I'm lucky to know you! Xo” -L.G.

“Michelle gave me an amazing gift by sending me her channeling for me. It brought me clarity when I needed it the most. Life has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride and the channeled words of the guides gave me light & trust to dive deep. From the experience of the magic in life to feeling into my shadows, the reading shines light on all of it.
It’s almost a year later now and I still unpack guidance from the spirits. She works from the most clear path, the compassionate heart vibration. Her ascension work has a high impact on your life. I’m deeply grateful for meeting her qualities in my life. I definitely recommend a session with her.🤍” -M.T.

“Michelle is an exceptionally gifted channeler. When Michelle announced on IG that she was starting to offer personal channelled message, I messaged her immediately. I had been following her on IG for several months, and her channeled messages were always resonating deep within my soul and with the energies I was navigating at the time. Getting the chance to have my own personal message from Michelle was thus a true blessing. We first connected over video chat to dive into the questions I had for my guides. About a week later, I received the beautiful message she received when tapping into my energy. Given the unprecedented times we are currently navigating, with a lot of uncertainty, receiving her message was all the most soothing and gave me the strength to continue to have faith in the bigger plan in store for me. I have read her message numerous times. And every time I read it, I get a new perspective that I hadn't seen before. It's like her message is packed with layers and layers of information and light codes, that can be understood and absorbed only in small chunks at the time. It was a true privilege to have her channel on my behalf. Thank you again, Michelle. Your work is so important for the world right now. Thank you for being you and spreading your love and light.” -Kristelle A. 

“The channeling session with Michelle was a FANTASTIC experience: it started off with a video call where we met each other and she gave me the space to express myself and ask the questions I wanted to, to my light team (I felt super comfortable talking to her about intimate stuff since her words and presence are really soothing, healing). After gathering her info, she made the channeling sessions and transcribed all the messages they had for me in an email, for me to digest and try to understand. A follow up call happened for me to ask questions of unclear messages or things that I couldn’t understand. It takes personal time to acknowledge and integrate all these wonderful messages of love and guidance that we receive, but it’s a healing experience. 1000000% recommended if you are needing some guidance, some love, an assurance we are not alone in this journey. I keep re-reading the messages and like a book you re-read, you find new stuff that resonates more and more each time. Thank you Michelle for what you are doing for us, for the world! Much love.”

“I’ve been feeling very “stuck” in my journey for months now which has caused me to lose faith in myself and the messages I received from my guides. I figured I must be getting it wrong/ letting my ego skew them somehow. Michelle’s talent of being able to receive clear and concise messages from not only her guides but mine, have helped me so much! Her reading brought me to tears (in a great way!) So much clarity and light were brought into view and so many things have now “clicked” into place. She has helped to restore confidence in both myself and my journey! I definitely recommend a session with her!”  -L.C.

“Michelle is a powerful and potent channel! Every time I have asked her to connect to my guides for me the message was exactly what I needed to hear. It was reassuring that my own connection is authentic and my team is always here for me. I intend to call upon her amazing gift whenever I need guidance!” -Swirl

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