BTS' V and BLACKPINK'S Jennie —

Dating rumors about BTS' V and BLACKPINK'S Jennie

A few days ago, rumors about Kim Taehyung from BTS and Kim Jennie from BLACKPINK has spread. A picture of them enjoying the vacation on Jeju Island South Korea. Some fans saw the photo and said that it was edited or fake. The writer said, “It might be different people, but I think I saw two top idols on Jeju Island. I obscured names because the fact has not been confirmed yet.” The idols also posted
pictures of Jeju's Trip making the rumor
more trustful. Some fans believing that
the woman in the photo is really Jennie Kim, cause of her sunglasses that is from
the brand that she ambassador for.
Taehyung and Jennie also changed their profile pictures almost looked like
the same, and they also set their initials
V and J on Instagram. Meanwhile, Jennie also had a dating rumor with Big Bang’s G-Dragon in February last year. However, as she reportedly unfollowed GD’s Instagram, they are believed to be broken up. The two sides has not been responded yet. Both entertainments said "We cannot confirm their personal life details". seeing how they haven’t even released a statement as of yet.

LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam's Bullying Issue

Kim Garam's School Violences

Lately, when LE SSERAFIM has debuted some issues has been leaked about Kim Garam's school violence. The official statement came after alleged bullying victim Yoo Eunseo's law firm Daeryun released a statement covering the details of the bullying incident. On May 21st, another alleged victim stepped up to share her story about Kim Garam's bullying. According to the revealed DM's, the alleged victim says, "Hello, (redacted), I was Kim Garam's classmate when she was in the first year of middle school. I once accidentally dropped her pencil case so I said I was sorry and picked it up. But then Kim Garam blasted me if I was blind too because my mother is handicapped and went about saying how I shouldn't walk around if I couldn't see. Her squad also started to pick on me starting the next day at school and on Facebook. I wanted to expose her myself but I'm scared of getting retaliated...can you share this on my behalf? Please. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable." She also said she heard that the director from HYBE went to alleged victim Yoo Eunseo's school and tried to silence people. According to the lawsuit, a former middle school classmate is asking for an apology from Kim and acknowledgement of her actions, which allegedly led to that student attempting suicide. The student also requested that Hybe issue a statement about its position on school-time bullying. In Source’s statement, the company revealed that Kim’s side of the story was more complicated and that she was acting aggressively in defence of a classmate. According to Kim, the classmate who put forth the lawsuit had allegedly taken photos of a friend changing clothes at school and posted them on social media. Kim’s verbal abuse and threats, which resulted in her appearing before a school violence committee, were because she wanted to defend her friend.