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Orlando Moments

Jack and I make mainly theme park related videos as we are extreme theme park enthusiasts! We also love exploring the Orlando area and it’s restaurants and attractions!

We Reacted To TheTimTracker At Halloween Horror Nights! WE MET THETIMTRACKER?!?

We Toured Monica’s Apartment From FRIENDS AND Eric’s Basement From That 70s Show

Universal Orlando Jurassic Park Construction Update and Why We Love Animal Actors So Much?! FAIL?!?!

Universal Orlando’s Jason Bourne Stuntacular Soft Opening! What’s NEW At Horror Makeup?!

About Me! Victoria

✨ Striving To Promote Positivity ✨

Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not know me my name is Victoria! I am a budding content creator with a passion for the hospitality and theme park industry! As the current times may be rough, dark, and gloomy, I want to strive to make my page and YouTube channel somewhere to come unwind, laugh, have fun, and share my love for theme parks🎡 while documenting my adventures!

A little background info about me:
I’m a DCP alumni and ex- part-time Disney Cast Member! I returned to a different theme park company that I love to be at more than any place in this Universe-al 😄😂.
I speak three languages; Spanish, English, and Portuguese (some more fluently than others) as my family is mainly from Brazil and Uruguay!

I hope you enjoy following me along on my adventures around Orlando and that I can bring a bit of Pixie Dust ✨ into the world!