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My passion for cooking began when I was 9. It was on one of the regular Sundays that I was tasked with making a simple salad every week. I had watched my Dadi (Grandmother) cook everyday with such passion. I saw her having animated conversations with friends, family and just about anyone, discussing food and recipes. I remember tugging at her saree and following her around as a 3-4 year old in our backyard while she watered our garden full of fragrant Jasmine, papaya trees, a curry leaf plant, drumstick trees. As I remember foods made by her, I call my mom and cousins to get the recipes. Along with my grandmother, my mom never fails to inspire me to cook. Growing up, where education was the most important focus area at home, cooking and doing housework was never an expectation. My mummy would make the most delicious and nutritious seafood, lentils, fresh seasonal vegetables everyday. Once I was married after I started missing her and her food, I have called her at odd times looking for a recipe for her fish curry or a dal. Another person that has never stopped inspiring me is my Aunt Jahidu Fupi, she was the first person to work in our family, she worked in a bank but has always been the greatest cook ever, epitome of work-life balance. Last but not the least my Mom-in-Law, who adds this special flavour to whichever new recipe she makes, making it better than the original. I learnt a whole new style of cooking making me so adaptable to learning new things. I believe there are countless such inspiring women that bring our worlds alive with food and help us make powerful memories that stay with us for life. I hope to revive a bit of them with this platform.


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Mung Dal Fritters/Kebabs


Make 20 med/40 small size |Difficulty: EASY |Time: 30 mins excludes soaking of beans |Gluten Free, Vegan


•200 Gram of Green Mung Dal
(Washed & Soaked in Water for at least 7 Hours)
•1 handful chopped mint leaves
•2 Cloves of Garlic + 2 Inches of Ginger + 2 Green Chillies
•1 Onion (Finely Cut)
•1 tsp of Garam Masala
•1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper
•Salt to taste


•Grind Garlic. Ginger &. Chili.
•Add in the Mung Bean. Grind till Soft.
•Or cheat and use ginger garlic paste instead.
•Remove into a bowl
•Mix in. Onion, Mint, Pepper, Salt & Garam Masala.
•Heat pan & Shallow Fry spoonfuls of Batter
•Fry till crisp on both sides
•Serve hot with your favourite tangy sauce. I had mine with tamarind chutney.

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Rice Crepes (Neer Dosa)

Makes: 4| Time: 20 mins | Difficulty Level: EASY| Gluten Free & Vegan

1 cup plain rice flour
2 cups water
Salt to taste

-In a bowl mix the rice flour, water and salt to make a thin watery paste
-Take a non-stick pan to high flame
-When it’s very hot, pour the batter from outside to inside
-Cover to cook
-Flip to the other side
-Both sides should be crispy
-You can have these with a savoury green chutney or a sweet coconut filing.
Note: First one usually fails (for me) as pan is not always that hot but don’t give up!

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