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Charcoal & Pencil on Canvas
80cm x 100cm
Original Painting
J. Otto


Glow in the dark
Shine in the light,
This painting of dots
Brings geometry to life.
The mandala is known
As a sacred design,
Bringing vibrant joy
And peace to your life.
This unique pattern
Viewed day or night,
Can be charged up
Simply using a light.


In life we all face
The good and the bad,
The dark and the light
The happy, the sad.
To live in peace
A balance must be found,
You cannot have one
Without the other around.
For if there were no dark
There would be no light,
So make way for both
To appreciate this life.


Here is a painting
That speaks of the culture,
Without using words
It will leave you in rapture.
We are here to show you
About the life we live,
As the women of Africa
Who have so much to give.
Our Chitenge is symbolic
Of all that we are,
Infinite love and beauty
That captures the heart.

"A Zebra"

Black, white and silver
This zebra does flow,
Two separate parts
That form one whole.
Abstract chaos,
A controlled mess,
This finger painted piece
Is beautiful no less.
May it shine bring light
Into the lives it may touch,
Sharing joy and appreciation
For the world around us.


Extremely random
Yet this painting still shines,
How can so much beauty
Come from just a few lines?
Art is most meaningful
When it makes us feel something,
Whether it is a realistic painting
Or an abstract kind of thing.
We each perceive art differently
And how it makes us feel,
Having our own interpretation
Is what makes art so real.

Jodi-Dawn Otto


I am a hard working artist pursuing my creative passion in order to help others find theirs.

My business consists of making one of a kind commission pieces for my clients. I have created various types of paintings from portraits & landscapes, quotes, mandalas & tattoos, to animals, pets, nature and even nudes.

As well as my art business, I also run an e-commerce website where I sell prints, apparel and more. I plan to put the proceeds towards classes I will offer, providing others with the knowledge, tools and materials that they need in order to explore the wonderful world of creativity.

I accept tips