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Hi! My name is Ouanessa Nana and I’m just your average teen who’s still trying to figure out her place in the world. 🗣💜

I love to write, sing, dance, act, and read. 📸✍️🏽

My page will mostly feature my writing and my poetry. This is a place where everyone is loved and I hope you enjoy my content! ☺️🌈

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My Top 5 Quarantine Reads

Your top book recommendations right now...

These books have me at the edge of my seat and staying up all night.

With Quarantine having most of us trapped inside I can’t be the only one who has been binge reading nonstop. These are my fave reads so far....but it’ll probably change by tomorrow.

What are your top five books right now?

Friday November 6, 2020

Isolated Journal Entries

Poems about anxiety, depression, and isolation all written by me.

Phantom Melancholy

Everything melts with just one phrase.
Set her feelings free.
The monster is too big for the cage.
Their smiles bittersweet.
Containment getting to her.
No reason to be sad.
Having illusions is a horrible kind of pain.
It would have been better if you were to blame.
The walls are closing in.
Trapped in her mind again.
Let me go, she breathes.
But this is just the beginning.
Thoughts come down in seconds
Shattering every piece of her.
No one can hear her scream.

Unwanted Symptoms

Chills run through her.
Heart stitched with ice.
Time tormented her.
Eyes glistening with red hot anger filled with spice.
In a complete state of panic.
Fear an infamous friend.
Clenched jaw, chanting vibrations.
How long till she breaks?
Darkness swallows her.
Body swarmed with muscle aches.

All In Her Head

Persistent pain reminders
Throbbing in her head.
Dreams filled with him next to her in bed.
All of that is gone now.
Shadows break through her skin.
Nerves tattered and torn, skin turned to shreds.
The only thing left is her.
Pressure builds in her chest.
She forgets how to breathe.
Stuck all alone.
No friends to call her own.