Our Planet Earth is a page used to spread awareness about the planet and the harm we are causing it. Maybe we don’t realize yet how serious the consequences of harming the environment can be, but we need to act upon it and try to save the earth before we run out of time.

The Earth and our environment is not only home to human beings, it is home to so many other plants and animals as well! Each day we cause harm to our planet we effect the ecosystem around it.

Think of taking care of the environment like a job that doesn’t pay you with money, but instead gives you oxygen to breathe, food to eat, and every other basic thing that you need to stay alive! You might feel that you can’t help the environment, but the truth is even one tiny act in the right direction can come a long way in helping the Earth.

It’s not a big task if we all try to water the plants that we have around our homes, or even if we each plant just one tree somewhere. Stop wasting pages of your notebooks, stop leaving the fans running when nobody is in a room, stop the water overflowing unnecessarily; Are just a few simple ways how you can help the environment!

Let us make good use of social media to spread awareness about the importance of our planet Earth! If you are someone who wants to learn more about saving our planet follow us and other accounts that are located in our links! It’s still not all over, we can still help each other in saving and protecting the environment!

-Our Planet Earth