Welcome To Our Blog: An Introduction


hi, welcome to our blog! i am liv and i’m the owner of my cheeky pups account!

I have branston - he is a show type chocolate labrador & he is the sweetest pup in the world! he has a heart of gold and I’m holding onto it forever and ever! he loved to do tricks and was super eager to learn

and my second boy is huxley - he is a working red fox labrador. he has a huge personality at such a young age and he is so sweet! he will be training to be a gundog and hopefully will follow in his parents footsteps to be a field trail champion or he will become an agility dog due to his amazing speed and his ability to pick things up super quick. i am aiming to do both with him so fingers crossed a bright future

branston unfortunately passed away june 2020 and huxley joined the house in september 2020 - i had never dreamed of losing my first boy so soon but as people say ‘everything happens for a reason’

we cannot wait for our journey to expand in 2021 and cannot wait to show our instagram community what we have planned!

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↠ All About Liv ↞

hi everyone, i am liv! also known as liv liv on our account

i’m not your average girl my age, i’m not a fan of shopping (except for dog shopping😉) or getting all glammed up. instead i love photography, adventures, agility and all things dogs really. i am a huge fan of my labradors and working cocker spaniels, i love their temperament and nature and that’s why i have them! i would love to become a dog behaviourist or dog trainer when i’m older.

i compete in agility with my dogs, i have a show labrador, working labrador and soon to come is a working cocker. i have won a few competitions in Large Novice ABC too with my show lab. i’ve done agility for about 6 years now, but only a year or two ago i started competing professionally!

i love to travel too and have been to spain ever since i was 6 months old and i travel the country with my family whenever i can.

as well as dog training and agility, i also do BSL
stands for British Sign Language. i mainly use SSE (Sign Supported English) as it helps me communicate with the deaf or HOH people better. i started learning for my grandad who had very low hearing and could barely understand a word anyone said.

Our Photography Journey


we sometimes get asked what camera and gear we use for our photos! and i am here to tell you what we use and our journey over the last year...

i first started my journey within photography in may 2020 with my canon eos 10d, it was given to me by Grandad who has now sadly passed away and i will forever treasure it and keep it safe for him!. i started to use this camera when branston was still with us and within that few months from may-june i had the best time taking photos of branston and he was a pro poser from day one and he was so patient while i figured out my new camera!

in july 2020 i brought myself a canon 4000d and started using it, i had to get used to using a new piece of kit and practiced with my nans dog although he wasn’t as patient, then when huxley came home my main man appeared and he was a poser from day dot😍 this camera has amazing quality and picks up the smallest detail.

my go to lens is my 50mm and it’s what i use nearly every time now, it’s amazing and it’s focus is so sharp.

Our Instagram Journey


what an amazing few weeks and months it has been! we started our account in july 2019 with the name "littlemrbranstonbear" and using an iphone 6S plus as the camera. then we moved onto the name "thechocodrops" and using a samsung camera and an iphone 11. in may 2020 we decided to refresh our page and start from scratch, we were "bonbons.in.nature" and we are using a canon 10d with a variety of lenses. our photography has improved so much and our feed is currently looking very uniformed. We also use lorrens lovely presets over at 'POLKA DOT PRESETS'. we also cant wait to work alongside some more businesses and help spread the love to everyone around us!

july 2020 and we’ve got a canon 4000d which is gorgeous! we are officially OURTRAILOFTAILS - this is our new name and it’s our only name now, we absolutely love it and it definitely suits us for our new opening adventures and we are leaving tails on our trails

before joining instagram i never knew there was a dog community. when i found it i was surprised and happy that i wasn’t the only one dog mad!

i knew when i joined i would probably receive hate as most people do. but i never imagined to hit over 5k - i started my account from scratch and grew from 1 follower to 5,000+ followers.

my journey in the dc has been tough and i’ve only just found my place to where i belong. but what i didn’t know was that my journey would lead me to the edge, and i didn’t know my journey was going to have a few people who like to lie.

i’ve always had trust issues and it takes a long time for me to open up, but what makes my life harder is liars.

the positives is that i’ve grown a instagram family who i can trust and i’ve found friends in that instagram family. i have developed my photography to something i can be semi proud of. and i’ve found people i can laugh with about the stupidest things like people taking your work as their own

Our Trail Of Tails



we went to cornwall and it was lovely. the beaches were so nice and there was some nice warm weather! huxley was brought up in cornwall so he was used to the beaches and the surroundings, to see him run around was amazing and he was so cute beside his siblings and parents😍 this day made me so excited and ever since coming back from cornwall, we have planned to go back in the summer to do some sibling reunions and to have a fun holiday - i really want to get some more photos there when we next go back :)

Our Trail Of Tails

Hunstanton Beach


we went to huxley’s first ever beach with us and he absolutely loved it. i got some of the best action shots and some of the best photos of huxley on his first proper time at the beach. huxley really enjoyed the water and running around on the sand! we definitely want to visit more beaches with him and get even more photos❤️

Our Trail Of Tails

Meeting Ollie & Hector


ahhhh our day at all about dogs newbury was absolutely amazing. we met so many new dogs including the famous Mr Beefy, Ollie & Hector and even more gorgeous dogs (you can see our highlight on our page for all the fun)! me and hux also met the most amazing women like Jadie from Paws&Wrinkles , Liv from HeyBertCo, Alex & Alice. the whole day was filled with fun, trying to get a photo of 5 labradors was so funny too, they didn’t want to sit or lay still for longer than 5 seconds🤣 lots of laughs, smiles and memories were created and shared❤️

Our Trail Of Tails


Coming Soon...

Life With Epilepsy


as it is national purple day to spread awareness about epilepsy and after me popping a poll on my story about making a blog, a number of you wanted me to do an epilepsy page all about epilepsy. i’ll share my story and add some more information on branston’s epilepsy too!

when i was first diagnosed with epilepsy i was roughly 11 years old, i had my first seizure at the age of 4 though. it’s like a death hole, all your senses go, your memory blanked. little to no warning is given either and you can be down within seconds, one second standing, the next on the floor shaking vigorously for who knows how long for (pretty scary if i say so myself).

on my journey to getting diagnosed i was actually misdiagnosed at the very beginning with something not even google knew, nor did my gp. i ended up having to travel back and forth to an epileptic specialist, underwent 4 hours of testing and was finally diagnosed with epilepsy causing my grand mal seizures and absent seizures! many people can stereotype epilepsy into thinking it is triggered by flashing lights and it’s constantly people shaking on the floor whereas really it isn’t and there are multiple triggers and multiple types💜 epilepsy is going to restrict my every move and every life decision i now make, it will limit my ability’s and could take my life at any minute so i have to live each day to the full, my seizures are semi-controlled for the moment so don’t worry, this isn’t the last of me - i am a fighter💪

24.04.2021 : i experienced one of my worst seizures, i woke up with a really bad locked jaw (a signal that i’ve had a seizure). luckily i was ok but it was pretty scary to know that it happened when i was asleep and anything could have happened!

let’s talk about canine epilepsy now, again this is very overlooked and more common than you would think. branston was diagnosed with epilepsy after 3 seizures, his first ever seizure happened in the very early morning around 2am, we awoke to the sound we thought was a bird where really it was branston on the floor having a seizure, jolting and ‘spazzing’ vigorously much like a human grand mal seizure! the second time his eyes went like a ghost and he lost a lot of colour very quickly and then after his 3rd one the vet decided to put him on medication. the medication stabilised him very quickly and he was able to be back to his normal self again - a year and a half later his epilepsy took his life after one of the most ‘rare’ side effects ruined his liver and it took him out like lightning, he went down hill within a week and sadly crossed the rainbow bridge🥺

if you have any questions please feel free to dm me and i am always happy to educate and talk about anything x