Out-of-Time Productions

Making Art Beyond Our Time

Started in 2007 & revived in 2018, Ernie Layug is a videographer/photographer documenting various events throughout the country with a focus in the Virginia, Maryland, & District of Columbia area.

Growing up on Long Island, NY, Ernie always had the creative, artistic gene in his family expressing his creativity through either music or art. He started making short films as early as 1999 in high school. Starting in 2007, he started filming various fan conventions throughout the country. In 2018, he started doing portrait photography as a new passion.

With every shoot & every film, a new lesson is learned and applied. A new lesson helped Ernie move forward with his mission, “Making Art Beyond Our Time”.

Photography Portfolio

5 years experience with portrait, event, & cosplay photography

Marie at Victura Park (May 2022)

Condrea - SelfieWRLD Nova DC (Sept 2021)

Military Salute (Nov 2021)

Nicole & Carl Engagement Shoot (Apr 2022)

The Jungle Nook at Enchant Christmas DC (Dec 2019)

Bethany & Nate at National Harbor Pier (Feb 2020)

Ina & Alex at Georgetown Waterfront (Jul 2019)

Sharmin H. at The Wharf (Mar 2020)

Heather & Dusty at Night Lights Event (Jun 2018)

Loni at Gaylord National Harbor (Dec 2022)

Glendy at Smithsonian Garden (Apr 2021)

Videography Portfolio

Over 20 years experience in event, sport, fashion, cosplay, & wedding videography

Model Feature - BeccaBuddiee at arTECHouse

Q&A Panel - DC Bloggers Union with HighLowLuxxe

The Lantern Festival

PortraitMeetDC & StreetMeetDC