Level 2 Fiverr seller, Film-Maker who also happens to be a Doctor

Nitin Khajotia is a Doctor who also love creating Content as independent filmmaker and Photographer.
Highly known for creating "mbbs ka punchnama", "veracity", "8 worst doctors " and more.
He Started filming on 1100D in 2013. Time changed and so does his equipments and camera techniques. Currently he is experienced in editing Raw Cinema video formats. For which he is rated 5star on Fiverr by 100+ people internationally.
His client videos and personal projects combined has more than 100 million views on Youtube.
Most videos he shoot these days are available as free stock footages and photos for commercial use.
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My Films

Where passion fuels the flames

Wanderlust 2021 Cinematics

ArcanePyre in Trailer Style

Got a friend in me

Solitude - Feel the silence

Literally Lit

Veracity - Partners in crime

Day Zero -Natural crisis short film

8 worst doctors you will ever see

Somesh and Keshav Music Video

The Dolour - When bad luck hits hard

My personal YouTube Page

Passion For Science and Practical Skills

Here I love to talk about practical science and technology and how it can improve our quality of life

4 Important life lesson for student

How your memory works | Practical approach

Boosting your productivity

My plans for youtube

Clients from Fiverr

7 years into Editing for International clients

This is just a quick look on some of the projects I got to work on... Some are simple, some requires expert cuts to tell a story and some are even more demanding with knowledge of editing a fight sequence and more.

2021 Fiverr recap

Robby Hart | Bump in the night

Lock this down

Bikhre Khwaab | IMMISTAN

Dil ki doya by I-sick



Brand New | Pride Song

Tank on E

Love, Lies and Ego


Alright Alright

Munic-Supercrew | Foto

3.M. Watson - Pick it up

3.M. Watson - Back on my grind

Cinematic Videos and Vlogs

These are some of the best videos I ever made apart short films.

Batch 2015 Last day of college

Noir Cinematics

Sandwich Broll

Halloween | Trick or Treat

Somesh and keshav Legendary B-roll


Glow Animations


2019 B-Roll

Friends and Family

Whenever he plans a fam video, he prioritize good angle and beautiful candids over his comfort zone.

Joy X Life X Fun

My brother's wedding reception

Welcome Avira

College Small talks

MGMC 2019 Convocations

Photography Top Picks

Here are some of the best shots he ever took


Life of Pets

And then we collaborated with a street cat
Shot on Tokina 100mm F2.8


Wild Macros

Just recently I invested into a macro lens and results are amazing. Vibrance and Clarity speaks for themselves


Creative PhotoSphere

PhotoSpheres are trippy, there are endless possibility with the ways you can be creative.


2020 Corona Quarantine

25 sec long exposure light painted with the help of a toy drone.
So I watch a lot of Youtube and I saw this video from corridor crew where they painted a dam with light. During Quarantine That idea inspired me to do some shots and then I created this. Lovely isn't it.


Flake Skies

This photo is a perfect demonstration of how you can make things look bigger then usual by using a wide angle lens, just like this.
Rocking a 10-18mm on Cannon 750D


Experimental Indoors

These are some test photographs when I first started using flash with gels. Shots taken using 50mm - the nifty fifty.


My bois

DSLR is something I always keep in my back pack. This photo was shot on a small cliff. Off camera flash is deployed in this shot to counter the sunny skies in the back.


Cliché Masks

For the 2019 halloween, we had plans to work with 3 masks. Unfortunately this one got delayed during shipping and couldn't make to the film. So we decided to do a little photoshoot of our own.


Powered by Booze

While shooting adventure I often prefer to lighten up the mood, that way we do things we naturally wont imaging. This Goes especially for the model in shot.
Another ultra wide shot on cannon 10-18mm



Makes for a perfect Amoled wallpaper
Shot with Tokina 100mm macro