About Me

My name’s Callie Anna but you can call me Cal or Honey!

4w3 • INFJ • Gemini • Slytherin
My passion is learning about things, finding the best option out of all the options, then sharing that info with others. My major was in the social sciences, so research is MY THING! People always come to me if they need a certain kind of app or want book recommendations.
Months ago you would’ve heard me scoffing about Network Marketing, because I had the misconception that all MLMs were pyramid schemes, and I didn’t want to look like a sucker. Hello, enneagram 4 anyone??
Well, I had been using Young Living essential oils for many years because my mom had bought some and let me borrow them. Peppermint had been genuinely helping my migraines, Stress Away kept me sane through college, and Lavender was putting me to sleep each night, and I needed to buy more, so I decided to dive into what MLM is and how Young Living functions as a company. I quickly came to learn that YL has been successfully functioning for almost 30 years, that the women around me who were representatives for the brand were honest, hardworking, wise ladies, who were making MONEY doing this, and that YL has the highest standards of quality of any essential oils brand ever.
Join me on my wellness journey as I opt for water instead of caffeinated drinks, activity instead of passivity, and non-toxic products instead of toxic cleaners that burn your hands when you try to clean the bathtub! I would be honored to cheer you along!
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