Cambridge graduate tailors your résumé

Our team comprises graduates from the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford (hence the name Oxbridge). We graduated top 1% of our cohorts, and possess professional experience in £500 million investment funds, tech, management consulting and entrepreneurship.

Why do we still do this? We genuinely enjoy crafting resumes and giving advice to eager job-seekers. We personally craft each and every resume - rest assured there’s no outsourcing or any hanky panky.

Why us? We’re not amateur, freelance resume writers. We’re results-oriented - we have clinched competitive jobs and have helped our clients do the same.

Why are our rates way lower than market rate? This is a voluntary initiative - our ultimate aim is to help job-seekers clinch their dream jobs (alas, we’re still charging a minimum fee as we only have so many hours in a day and have to manage demand). If you are encountering financial difficulties - please reach out to us. If you have been retrenched - please reach out to us. If you’d like to pay it forward and help others - please reach out to us.


Bundle ($199)

All-in-one bundle, at a discount.
Includes a brand new resumé, a brand new cover letter and LinkedIn profile optimisation. The full works.

CV Consultation ($69)

One-time feedback on your current resume. Feedback will be sent via email.

Crafting a brand new resumé ($119)

The most popular option, the brand new resume is data-driven, ATS-friendly (i.e. optimised to score highly on hiring algorithms) - and most importantly, tailored to your strengths, niches and specific industry/job requirements.

Crafting a brand new cover letter ($99)

7 out of 8 employers trash applications with no cover letters attached. Think it’s optional? Definitely not.

Each cover letter will be optimised for the role you are applying for/ organisation you are applying to.

4. LinkedIn profile optimisation ($49)

Essential to building your own personal brand, both recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to source and vet potential candidates.

- Introductory consultation
- Optimised taglines
- Tailored personal narrative (bio, job descriptions, skills)

*only available as an add-on to #2, #3