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Ever since I was a kid I knew the entrepreneurial world was the right fit for me. I started “being my own boss” once I graduated from hair school, I immediately went out on my own with one goal in mind. That was to work in the film industry as a independent celebrity stylist. I worked hard, put many hours into the industry and landed my first celebrity gig as the Kardashians personal hairstylist for a entire week of shooting for a Entertainment Tonight gig. From there on the doors opened and more film and tv opportunities came my way. My husband also works in the film industry as a animal wrangler and stunt man. This has trickled down to our two boys, ages 8 & 11. By the grace of God they also have had great acting and stunt opportunities at young ages. The Alberta Film Industry has definitely been good to my family, and for that I am grateful. As my boys get older I’m finding I want to be more present in their daily lives. I want to drive them to school, go cheer them on in the hockey and rodeo arena, help with homework, be home for dinner when I can. So I’ve scaled back from the long hours of film/tv set and I focus more on my entrepreneurial businesses that allows me to work from my home and on the go.

I work my hair salon business part time from my home & in between the nicks and crannies I run my online activewear shop with a team of extraordinary women all while helping my husband with our family cattle ranch.

Yes, my life can get pretty hectic some times but I find the fuller I find my days the more productive, organized and ambitious I am to stay on course. Constantly dipping into my creative side with hair and fashion keeps my heart happy and my soul content.

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As a women in the entrepreneurial world, there is just one thing we should all have in common and that is support. Supporting one another from one company to another is the key to lasting business. Shout out to those who have helped along the way. Get inspired by others attraction to success. We do better together. Love on one another, find the joy in doing life together and be a model for other women to live up to.

Never make your self smaller just to fit in. Instead help the small grow and flourish to a life full of success and promise. Start loving the life you are meant to live.

The Alberta Ranch Kid

What a great account for kids to follow. Learn from a early age of what it takes to live on a ranch and farm. Learning where our food comes from, work ethic, agriculture lifestyle and keeping our western heritage alive.

Billie Heggie

I have learned so much about being a women in the social selling industry from other social sellers like Billie. This girl right here definitely knows her stuff and offers so much more then your morning fizz drink and anti aging night cream.

Modern Social

It’s no secret that the future is changing and it’s changing fast. Don’t let the fears of social selling get in you way. Get educated. Seek good advice. Keep learning and you’ll keep growing. These ladies can help you be the best in the industry.

Recommendation #3

If your in the direct sales and social selling community then get educated with this girls tips and tricks!!!

Raising kids is a task in its self but raising cowboys is a whole other level of special. I can appreciate all the wild posts from this family. Rodeo and ranching is a way of life and I love seeing family’s embrace traditions of our western heritage.