^^ want this coloring ? sure! please give credits to grayscrow,cozsunkie and me!!

TikTok: @paidsun

go into 24fps and import the coloring named “take on me” i can do a tut if u don’t know how to import. then go into prequel and go to effects , put on the “dust” effect and the dust at 25 and the filter at 0. then go into the filters and put on the filter named “porcelain” then go into adjust and put exposure at -25 , contrast at +5 , highlights at +25 , shadows at +25 , then go to haze and glow put both of them at +25. also put blur at +30. then go into the app named ultralight. press edit then go into the triangle symbol and put clarity at -5 and sharpen at -5! there u go , u have my coloring now! again , please give credits to grayscrow,cozsunkieand me!

colouring tut for iOS and android

( Credits: @coloringhelpss And @paidsun)
1. Snow: ar filter: summer: the filter with blue hair and butterflies
2. Instagram: filter: ultralight by oriquelima
3. Prequel:
Exposure +30 Contrast +25
highlights +50 shadows +100
sharpen +25 Glow +3
aberration +75 blur +25
Filter: Teal +100
Effect : sparkle, star intensity: +100 star scale +6 star rotation +68 filter +100
4. Colourtone:
Filter: coogee contrast +1.02 Brightness +0.02 shadow +1.00 temperature +10000.00 tint -6.22 vibrance all up ( Credits: @coloringhelpss And @paidsun)

Fonts I use

Fonts i use
Pink chicken regular
Sant Joan
Cheeky rabbit

that’s all my fonts! all of them can be found on dafont besides sant joan. if u want sant joan just type “sant joan download” in ur browser