Hi , It’s Paige!!

Yay!! I’m glad you’ve found yourself here. You might be wondering how I got to be where I am financially, or maybe your wondering how I took control of my health and finances together while staying home with my kids and thinking how you can get there too.

I was a stay at home mom to 2 small kids wondering and searching the internet for work from home jobs. There was *nothing for that didn’t have me working a set number of hours per week or making the money I wanted.

So I took my future into my own hands and took the opportunity of what would be a start of many blessings to me! My “job” is sharing my health and wellness journey and guiding others step by step to their health and financial goals as well.

I know what your thinking. There has to be some stings attached, right? We’ll there isn’t! This will be an individualized process and I’m ready with any answers to your questions.

Sometimes, taking a leap of faith is just what God has in store for you. Don’t let fear get in the way of your new open door. Take my hand, and we’ll do this together!

Message me today and let’s get started