Tell the world what you’re made of

Everyone has a story and mine is my favorite ♥️

Several years ago I was a burned out middle class wife/mom who had spent 16 years cleaning houses to be home with my kids.

I lived a life of just getting by, living paycheck to paycheck, juggling bills, one vacation a year and going to bed at night consumed with financial anxiety. I found myself settling for a mediocre life at best.

Fast forward a few years later I was done. After almost losing my husband to a freak medical issue my eyes were opened clearer than ever before. It was time to go from living an ordinary life to living an extraordinary life. It was time to build more financial security and ditch the financial anxiety. It was time to chase the time freedom and flexibility I so desperately craved. Because time is never on our side and it’s the one thing we can’t make more of or get back when it’s gone.

It was time to create the life my family deserved.

I learned the power of affiliate marketing, put in time to learn and the rest is history. My life today is much different. I can work from anywhere I have wifi giving me the freedom to live my life. I am living with more financial peace and less financial anxiety. I can take my family on more than one vacation a year. And I am a better wife, mom, sister, aunt and friend because of the personal growth journey that comes along with it.

My mission is now to mentor others and help them escape financial anxiety and design a life of time, money and freedom.


Because you deserve it and you are WORTHY ♥️

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