Hey Girl! 🤍

My Name is Paige 🤍

I am a full-time collage student who is taking 16 credit hours to complete my bachelors degree, searching for a University to transfer to, trying to find a degree I really want to pursue in, I wanted to move out simply to just start becoming an “adult” but I had no way to pay for that + my bills on top of it.
I came across this opportunity on Facebook from an old family friend & she was talking about how she was bringing in a full time income ALL from her phone while being a freshman in college & I was dumbfounded (there is no other word for it)🤷🏼‍♀️ We were the same age BUT she was able to work from her phone off social media & made just as much as I did WHILE working on that phone, like what the heck?! So I ended up watching her for a couple months just trying to learn whatever I could but I then decided to ask her questions about it because I was SO curious as to what she was doing. That lead to me joining her one month after my 18th birthday, using the remainder of my “birthday money” to sign up!
I began working full-time from my phone + being a full-time college student. I have been able to save, & giveback more than I’ve ever dreamed, meet so many amazing people, & help change lives every single day!
I’ve grown to love myself, be truly confident in my own skin, I’ve grown in my faith, just simply as a person & I could not be more grateful for that.
Swipe ⇢ for my application, let’s see if this is for you!