About Me!

Hi! My name is Paige Swindoll-Nagelmueller. My family & I live in South East Texas!
I’m a mother to a little girl named Averi and wife to Jordan Nagelmueller. We have two fur babies, Colt, a Yellow Lab & Stormi, a Red Merle Mini Aussie! I’m luck enough to be given the opportunity to be a stay at home mom to raise our little girl.
We are a very outdoorsy family & love to take pictures of our adventures. We hope to share our outdoor experiences with you!
While at home I love to decorate and keep our home as clean as possible (you know it can be difficult with a little one so don’t hold me to it, it gets messy around here I promise😉). I will link as much as I can to help you around your home too!
I shop a lot more than I should 😜 but would love to share my finds with y’all, whether it be home decor, cooking tools, baby toys or clothes for my family & I !
Any sort of health/human body topic is a big interest to me! I have my Associates in Biology in Life Science.
Keeping the human mind and body healthy is a big deal and I love to keep learning about it!
I struggle with mental health and want to be able to help those who struggle in this battle too. I would love to share my tips on helping my mental health in hopes to help someone else and if you have tips to help me let me know!
Cooking is a passion of mine, I grew up around the typical southern family who cooked big fried meals (the ones that put you to sleep almost immediately 🤪). My mom raised us the same way but we also tried to keep our health in mind, of course fried food isn’t the best for our bodies! So we were also taught to cook on the lighter side, I love my fruits and veggies so I love to be able to incorporate those into my own families diets (even with a SUPER picky husband)! I would love to share some of the recipes I’ve found and recipes that I’ve come up with, with you!

I hope me sharing my life helps you! I hope to bring a little joy to your life! I hope to show you that no ones life is perfect, we all have our battles, no one keeps their house spot less at all times, no one keeps every dish washed at all times (trust me I have lots of days that those dishes pile up)! Take time for yourself and take time to enjoy your family.

Paige Nagelmueller.