About Me

Hey girl, I’m Paige!

After getting married in 2016, we went through several hardships which lead me to lean on food for comfort. In 3 years I gained 30 pounds and all my self confidence went down the drain. I had zero motivation, zero energy and zero desire to take care of myself. I stopped caring.

Finally, I said enough is enough, at my heaviest weight ever I knew I had to kick the excuses and make a change to stop my path of self destruction. I dove into my health and fitness journey at the beginning of 2019, full force! I was welcomed with open arms into a community of encouraging badass women who all have their own journeys to share!Having this group to lean on made me even more accountable. These women truly inspire me on the daily. 💕

I have now lost that weight, but in the process I’ve gained so much more! I am so much happier and full of life now! ✨ I’ve kicked some bad habits and replaced them with healthy ones and I know that my health and well being is my top priority! Always!! I am freaking strong (hello new found muscles 💪🏻😍) and have made lifelong friendships with some pretty badass girls who have my back through anything! 💗 & the list goes on! 🥰

Now I will not lie and say I don’t still struggle at times. My relationship with food is still not 100%, and personal development will forever be a work in progress. BUT I am a hell of a lot further and most importantly, HAPPIER in this journey than anything I was doing before! Everyone has their ups and downs, it’s inevitable. You have to get and keep going, keep trying and keep putting yourself first, again and again! And I know if I can do that, YOU can do it too girl!! 💪🏻💕

SO, what the heck are you waiting for?! ⚡️👉🏻

“Everyday is another chance to become the best version of you.”

I decided I wanted to open myself up and share more to inspire other babes to lock arms with me so they can lean into reaching their own goals!

I am looking for women who are wanting a lifestyle change. Women who want to integrate health and fitness into their lifestyle permanently and are ready find that self-love and confidence they have been looking for! So wether your story is similar to mine, or something completely different, I’m ready to support you getting started on your journey! 💗

You will get setup with an online library with thousands of workouts to choose from, supplements to help take things to the next level and nutrition plans to really dial everything in. Most importantly tho, you will get to lock arms with myself and multiple other babes for LIFE! We will cheer you on through every step so that you can reach YOUR goals and really start living your best life and feeling your most incredible, strong self! 🖤

Join My Girl Gang! ⚡️