Painting in the midst of the pandemic

“Upholding unity and appreciation through art amidst the pandemic”

Covid 19, a situation that wreaked havoc on the peaceful growth of our country, painted our usual scenery into different shades of blue. First is the sky without the smoke of pollution joining the clouds. Next is the color of waves after it has taken a break from people. The sight of blue face masks turned into the visible blues of emotion. Truly a test of the colorful life we Filipino's have. Most of us now are currently suffering from unstable mental health. KFF (2021) mentioned that this pandemic is harming countless people's mental health, resulting in mental illness and disorders. Who knew life could be this blue?

Netter (2020) stated that whether we realize it or not, the role of art becomes essential to our lives in this moment of crisis and isolation. We try to overcome the monochrome of color by creating pieces of art that awaken each other's hope for everyone. Through paintings and art murals, to be specific, we can liven not only the place it is placed but the mood of people who were able to see. Furthermore, people also use painting to escape the isolation that we mostly feel because of this situation. As we all know, we Filipinos are religious in nature. When life turns tough, we seek God for guidance. Creating art murals in the place of prayers gives it more definition, more impact on one’s health as we are reminded of the things, we need to be grateful for, things we need to include in our prayer.

An example of this act is the art mural in Parish of Our Lady of Fatima located in Urduja, Caloocan City. An art mural that measures 377.92 square meters and depicts the Miracle of the Sun also known as the Miracle of Fatima (Rappler, 2021). The art piece showcases our culture and traditions as Filipinos amidst the Covid 19 pandemic. Made for our frontliners who fight COVID-19 every day for the sake of everyone's safety, also to remember our front liners for their sacrifices. It displays our religious nature as Filipinos; we pray for things that are too overwhelming to overcome. Art is our way of showing how deeply involved we are in supporting our new heroes. They used it as an instrument to exhibit the citizen's gratefulness to the frontliners. For us, the art mural is not only about the gratitude that we gave to our front liners or to remember them in their sacrifices, but it also symbolizes how strong Filipino faith and belief are despite the pandemic that we are facing. It encompasses our beliefs, thankfulness, and prayers in the form of art. This shows our unity as fellow citizens of this country praying for each other’s safety, as there is still uncertainty in our daily lives.

To sum it all up, art mural plays a vital role in upholding our citizen’s awareness and unity by exhibiting art pieces that greatly depict our message and care for one another in these pervasive conditions. It allows us to remember the sacrifices made by our front liners during this pandemic. Moreover, it serves as a reminder of how tough we are in facing this invisible war, and the art mural will remind us of how we help each other survive this widespread disease. We ought to lift each other in these kinds of situations.