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Welcome, I am Saumya, a 13 yo artist.👩‍🎨🖌I post acrylic, watercolour and mandala paintings regularly.👩‍🎨
I am a good orator and have amazing speaking skills.I love to play songs on guitar!!
We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. Paint with Saumya serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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Post #1

Mandala/Zentangle art- Around my name,"Saumya"
'Saumya' means peaceful,beautiful and smart.😊

Mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form.In fact, "mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". 🎨

Materials: 🖌
• Luxor Black Sketch Pen
• pentel Energel Pens
• camlin artist watercolor cakes

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Post #2

This framed scenery is my favourite acrylic canvas painting and I hope you'll like it too!
•Roy Fine artist canvas
•Camlin artist brushes
•camlin artist acrylic colours

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Post #3

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटी समप्रभा
निर्विघ्नं कुरुमेदेव सर्व-कार्येशुसर्वदा॥

Another acrylic framed acrylic canvas!This is my most favourite acrylic painting!
Lord Ganesha is our Mentor and Protector.🕉
•Kokuyo camlin artist canvas
•camlin artist brushes
•camlin artist acrylic colours

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Post #4

If I were Santa,I would gift love,peace,human values and unity to all the people.🎅😊🎉

•camlin acrylic colours
•Venus elegant artist canvas board
•camlin artist brushes

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Post #5

Bougainvillea Watercolor Art🏵️

No medium can match the delicate luminosity of transparent watercolor. It has a freshness and immediacy that can’t easily be duplicated with oil or acrylic. 🎨

Materials 🖌️:
Camel Artist Watercolor Cakes
Faber Castle Brush No. 7

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Post #6

Peacock Mandala Art🦚

A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. In fact, "mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". 🎨

Materials 🖌️:
Black Sketch Pen
Black Gel Pen

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Post #7 (Bookmark series)

Here is the link to seven of the bookmarks that I made: (Yes I am a bookworm)


Post #8

Thsi is the painting of Buddha.I just love how peaceful and tranquilizing it is. It's my favourite painting and also received immense love from all my followers!!

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My Top Netflix Recommendations

I watch anything and everything, I don't really care about genres. Amuses me how a mere series or movie can cheer you up when you are in doubt. For me, if I watch a series, I am in that world for a few weeks, I just can't get over it. You know what I mean? I start believing that the characters are real and EXIST. Weird, innit? Enough of the blabbering and let's get straight to the point!

These are my top Netflix picks, if you are wondering what to watch:

#01 Anne with an E (Series on Netflix)

This series had been popping up in my recommendations every now and them and I had been constantly avoiding it for some reason! But one day, I decided to watch it and I was like 'Why did it take so long for me to press one! single! button!!'. But anyways stories aside, I don't have words to describe this one. It just took a piece of my heart with it. Im not being dramatic or anything, but really! It is a story set in 18th or 19th century and I am just dumbstruck to see the minimalistic life people had back then. Anne, although an imaginary character, inspires me greatly. She is strong, independent, intelligent, creative and what not! This series brings forward daily problems and Anne solves them all! It's not like the problems are OLD or not Relatable. The stereo types or problems that we had back then, were no different from what we are facing now. If you didn't know, it is based on a novel series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It provided me scope for the imagination. And imma stop writing now, otherwise you would have to read a long long paragraph that would take an eternity lmao! But go watch it! Please, for me!!


#02 Stranger Things (series on Netflix)

Stranger Things is just perfect in every way. It is a series for teens and has 3 seasons. If you want something horror, suspenseful, fun and thriller, just go for it.It also includes some teen romance and budding friendship.It will make you cry too!!
You'll watch it once and just become obsessed with it!!


#03 Julie and the Phantoms ( series on Netflix)

Julie and the Phantoms , a series so close to my heart.Believe me, this show is just so underrated. If you want to watch something that inspires you, makes you feel good and lightens your mood with music, you've to watch it!!


#04 Umbrella Academy (series on Netflix)

Umbrella Academy is an adventurous series.It is sci fi , includes a lot of time travel and just takes you somewhere else- in an another world. Just go and watch it !!


#05 To all the Boys trilogy( on Netflix)

This is a trilogy: To all the Boys I've Loved Before, To all the Boys: P.S I still love you and To all the Boys: Always and Forever.Based on the Novels by Jenny Han, these are the best teen rom-com movies I've ever watched!!
This is one of my top suggestions.
P.S - LJ and PK have all my heart💘


#06 Never Have I Ever(series on Netflix)

A teen show, portraying the story of an Indian girl and her daily struggles between studies, love and friendship. This one is so relatable!


#07 Fate: The Winx Saga (series on netflix)

This series is all about fantasy and fairies. If you are really fascinated by the Wizarding world, just make sure you watch it.It just has an unpredictable ending and is so suspenseful!!


#08 Wanda Vision ( series on Disney+ Hotstar)

Wanda Vision is a marvel series which is fantastic! I mean, I've never really had much interest in Marvel movies, but this one just- you know!


#09 The intern (Movie on Netflix)

A light-hearted movie which tells you how to love life. It displays the bonding between a businesswoman and an intern, who was a fatherly figure to her. Surprises how movies can just you know, deeply touch your heart.


#10 Enola Holmes(movie on Netflix)

A witty movie with some detectives. Sure to keep you tuned till the end!! And Millie Bobby Brown- O.M.G!!
Guess what, Enola Holmes 2 is coming!!


#11 Little (movie on Netflix)

This movie has all my heart!! SO funny, witty and quirky! Also taught me many things!!


#12 Dash and Lily( series on Netflix)

A light hearted , feel good and quirky series. Just lightens up your mood.


All I want

A poem written by me, hope you enjoy!( im not much of a writer tho)

Someone asked me “What do you ardently wish for?”
Well, like any other girl,
I have bazillions of wishes that it would be seem incredulous
How all of them are inhabiting my mind
Which is as tiny as the most cramped room.

But my deepest delusory desire
Is neither overambitious nor utopian.
It is as unembellished and minimalistic as it could be.
But now as I tell you,
It is not surreptitious anymore.

Oh! How I long to sit at the wind for hours,
Not keeping any count of time.
Just glancing admiringly at the shades of the sky,
My hands resting on a carved wooden table.

With a tranquil-white kettle nearby
Containing boiling refreshing tea.
Illuminated by the gentle sunlight flowing through the glass pane.
I will enjoy the opulent comfort
Of the couch I would lie on.

It will seem as if nature’s undeniable beauty
Penetrated into my mind.
Carrying with it optimism, hope and happiness.
And I shall be at ease then,
Because this situation would offer me tranquility.

And for once in a very long time,
I would not be concerned
About the notifications bombarding my phone.
Lost in my own flurry of thoughts-
Barraging the doorway of my mind.

Sipping the lukewarm tea from my cup,
Oh! I would be in heaven!
As ‘Anne with an e’ says,
It will provide me a scope for the imagination.