Custom clothing, clutches and jewelry

Fashion, accessory & DIY loving mama starts business

I love fashion and everything about it, but am a suburban mom trying to blend my 2 passions (my kids and fashion) into my DIY/made-by-me world.

I love being stylish, but don’t always want to spend big bucks to do it, so I’ve been teaching myself how to create looks I love that actually fit me. It all began when I loved some pleated skirts but couldn’t find any that had pleats that actually flattered me - cue the math in making a figure flattering skirt for the non-stick straight figure. While attending the Dubai Fashion Forward fashion shows, I made some items that I wore to the events and it helped me to meet some of the most amazing women that (along with some friends) encouraged me to actually begin my journey. It’s been slow going, but it’s finally time to ramp it up & put myself out there!

Add quarantine to the mix, and as a way for some screen-less time with my tween, we’ve been experimenting with polymer clay and having a great time! Seems like the perfect time to get some confidence of my own as well as show her how great entrepreneurship can be (and totally maximize & grow the younger set’s social media savvy)! So join us on this journey of slow-fashion and mother/daughter-made jewelry!