Pamela Patrice

Create the life you want, never limit yourself & unleash your true self within

What you consume daily defines you. It defines how you treat yourself.

Aloha! Its Pam, a 21 y/o full time third year nursing student with part time job. Honestly, I already knew that this journey would be challenging, juggling school and work simultaneously, but who says life would be easy anyway? I choose my hard. I jumped & took a leap of faith as I have a strong WHY that driven me to have a growth mindset.

My passion is simply to help people, help my family to have the best of this world, travel freely, and live the life I wanted to have not only for myself but for my loved ones.

I know we are destined to live in this world with freedom. I also knew I could be more and wanted to do more not only for own personal development but to make an impact & fulfill my purpose in this world. I unleashed my true self within, not limiting my own beliefs, maximizing my potential and be open to possibilities in life.
Living with no more excuses, stepping out of my comfort zone, and just do what I need to do now so I can do I want to do later... I believe we all are meant for more in this world, so it is up to us to identify it by aligning ourselves to things that matters to us the most, thinking of dreaming big, & making that happen with the start of the word ACTION. We are given the ability to make our own choices & decisions in life every single day & it is up us how to use it wisely.

One of the things I’ve always exercise & work on for self improvement is living a healthy lifestyle (right diet, exercise, meditate, stretch = healthy mind). I was also given an opportunity to use 100% vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, & naturally based hair & skin products. I am so excited to share with you the beginnings of my journey as I become a new Independent Market partner with this company. I like the aspect of it giving you flexibility to work anywhere and anytime, helping you to connect with people’s interest, and gaining knowledge throughout the process.

Doing this as a side hustle also given me an opportunity to contribute to my community back home in Philippines somehow.

A 5% will go to a non-profit organization called “Hands of God Charity Works (HOGCW)” & another 5% to “Consider the Lily” for total of 10% from your purchased products under my website. More info on next page.

Are you ready to take a leap of extra mile for a change with me? —-> SWIPE FOR ACTION