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Bit about myself!

I’m 29, married to my best friend, have Parry Romberg Syndrome, retired from medical world & loving life as a full time Mompreneur for 3 years now!

After becoming a mom, and spending 9 days at the NICU with my preemie tiny human, I started to experience postpartum depression. This lead to health problems in both the mental and physical aspect. The mental illness issues took over my life. That all (in the short version of the story) led me to starting a healthy & wellness life, and decided for better in all aspects. Including a new health & wellness business!!

With network marketing/direct sales, the cost of doing business is minimized by turning that marketing aspect over to others. And think about it a word-of-mouth mark with is already everywhere.

This gives me newfound passion for sharing health with you, and you know I love sharing about my life, mostly everything from raw moments, to “perfect” ones. That all being said, what could be better than getting your own health back on track while also helping others and making money?

I can’t think of much!

Keep sliding to find out about
- Why Q!
- compensation plan.

Let’s talk business 💰🌱

So then, what is

Q Science?!

Q science (Q is for quintessential) is a health and wellness supplement company ata los he’s in 2012.

Q is primarily a line of wellness supplements featuring vitamins and minerals that help to support mood, focus, digestion, energy, and weigh management. Q is also an industry leader in hemp products.

The company features products produced with science-backed research as well as mature in mind. The results is super high- quality. So, in short, Q is a health supplement company using the best technology and too ingredients. It is NOT a pyramid scheme. It’s a wellness MLM (multi-level marketing company.)

Let’s talk about money 💰

Q’s comp plan.

One of the things that is so different about Q is that you are allowed to talk about your income! there is not a 0 disclosure because the compensation plan is not showing averages.

The compensation plan offers SET, guaranteed pay for each rank you are in. What you see is what you get at each rank, plus any commissions from retail sales.

I’m order for you to make money in direct sales you have to be willing to learn, give things time, and to get out of your comfort zone. You will have a successful business if you give it time and effort.