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I Live My Life One Plate At A Time Around The World!

Hi there! I’m Patherine, you can call me Panther, I’m a food blogger based in Phoenix, AZ. I live to eat and experience the world (yes, that’s what fuels me). My love for exploring new eats all started from a young age. I was raised in Bangkok, Thailand, for seven years before moving to the USA and guess what, street food was a staple. I knew what it was like to hunt for the best eats (no matter the price point, no matter the distance) and to gather with friends/family over a plethora of dishes on the table. Food, to me, help connects strangers, turning them into friends, all the while creating new memorable moments with one another.

Panther Eats, actually started from my posting pics on Instagram of dishes and places my boyfriend, now fiance, and I would experience (if you scroll far enough you’ll see lol). Food is powerful. Experiences are too.

Fast forward to now, my love for the world grew fonder and my desire to share it with other’s grew stronger. So I strap my seatbelt on, a fork in one hand, and a camera in another; I put the peddle to the metal and drove full speed into this world of food blogging. So join me and follow these simple rules! No plate left behind, No continent left unexplored.

Let’s enjoy life together, one plate at a time around the world!

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