located in Norway, Maine

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I’m a fifteen year old looking forward to starting my life career, i’m offering to teach others the ways of the horse life in a small and safe horse environment.
I’ve been riding horses for 11 years now and still planning on doing so for as long as possible. I’ve shown as high as second level dressage and plan on going much higher. My wish is to be given the chance to be able to teach others what it is I enjoy doing and hoping they’ll enjoy it as much as me.

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Brooke Allen


I’ve ridden horses for over 14 years, worked hands on with them for a little over 10 years. I’ve done everything from mid level dressage, combined training, western, and even low level eventing. I’ve worked mostly with thoroughbreds and or thoroughbred crosses. I try my best to take care of horses the way they need to be taken care of individually, and i try my best to help others on there journey with horses in the most pleasant way possible.

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What There Is To Learn

The things being taught would be Proper care of horses, day to day responsibilities, riding, understanding different things about each horse. The following is a small list of what that may include, which is mucking out stall’s, filling water buckets, cleaning tack, grooming horses and ect.

Camp Days

Camp days requires info from the last slide and a estimate of an hour riding lesson. Camp days are on the weekends (saturday & sunday). You of cource have the choice of full or half days and one day or both days.
Half days 9:00-12:00 for $50
Full days 9:00-2:00 for $80

Riding Lesson’s

You are given the choice of a half hour lesson or an hour lesson, along with the choice of who you want to give the lesson or we can decide for you. Contact Annaliese or Brooke to set something up.


If wanted we are willing to travel a little ways to other barns to give lessons and or help train horses. Just contact us to set something up.

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Price & Age

Riding lessons are allowing ages 5-20
Camp days are allowing ages 7-15
Half hour lessons are $30
Hour lessons are $40
Half day camp saturday-sunday $50
Half day camp for one day $30
Full day camp saturday-sunday $80
Full day camp for one day $60
Training off farm $35 per ride
$75 2-3 sessions per week

Contact info

Message or Email
Annaliese Paradis (207) 890-8107 [email protected]
Brooke Allen (207) 890-6820
[email protected]