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Coffee, Vitamins, and Gods love

I am a 32 year young single mommy to 1 and 1 on the way. I wont lie you guys I am financially broken at the moment. I live with my dad and I am barely paying my bills. I can not afford to go on vacations or out the blue Target runs. This list goes on. Now guess how I am feeling? Amazing! A year ago in August 2019 I came across a Coffee post and that post was my god moment. It changed my whole attitude torwards life. I knew this was god telling me "here is your chance to start life over." I know my situation seems ugly. But your girl is filled with so much Faith! the Bible says faith is a confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen it is evidence of things we cannot yet see Hebrews 11:1. I just know my life is finally on the right path to everything I know I deserve! Matthew 17:20 god told us " I assure you even if you had faith as small as a mustard seed you could tell a mountain to move from here to there and it will move nothing would be impossible." I am a women full of faith!

So what my day looks like: I wake up and spend time with god in search of him. Usually not to far into the search I hear Gigi running down the hall way to come tell me "goodmorning." We start our day getting dressed which includes me useing our morning skin care. then she does her thing and I get to drink Coffee that helps burn fat, gives me mental focus, helps me stay full. Then I talk about it on my face book and instagram. I build relationships with amazing women who are on the same mission that I have been on for a year now which is being the best version of ourselfs. Then I hang out and do my mommy duties, clean the house cook and clean some more. Threw out the day Ill have a dose off my super reds and super greens, finally were getting ready for bed which includes me drinking eather our sleepy tea or collagen hot to relax whiel useing or night time skin care, we pray, read and go night night. I truely love my life right now I was lost for so long and so happy its over!

The itworks story

Be apart of something bigger!

I am now apart of something bigger then I ever imagined. A faith based company πŸ™Œ The mission is to help as many people have FREEDOM, free from stress that bills bring, free from debt, free from working at a job that wont give you the day off for your kids soccer game. No more time clock, no more asking permission to stay home to take care of your sick baby, no more daycare, no more haveing to use credit cards and falling more in debt. More time too search for god, more time to take your kids to there games, more time for vacations that you paid in cash, helping other women earn an income whiel in the grocery store line or at the nail salon getting a pedicure, work when you want to work, unlimited bonuses, monthly commission, dream cars and homes, shopping sprees, giving more to your church, starting a organization to help the homeless or save the animal's, the list goes on. check out what you'll be apart of. ( p.s your going to cry I always do when I watch this and I always endup so motivated and so proud to be apart of this company) hit subscribe and watch the video 😌