Paris Vaughan

Your Favorite Healthy Hustling Momager

I am a mother, a momager, friend, and sister who wants to help others by sharing my story. I decided to make myself, my daughter, and my peace a priority, one choice at a time.

Let me help you find your green grass. I’m a healthy hustler.

Mommies Love Bedtime

Your Favorite Healthy Hustling Momager FAVORITES

This is for the mommies who are trying to break bad habits for themselves and kids

The Female Mentality

The Female Mentality has a sweet side. We originally started as a line of small batch, handmade, dessert inspired candles to maintain weight during quarantine.

It worked better than we could imagine and has expanded to memorialize more than just your Favorite sweet smells. We dream and memorialize the ideas through creative joy wax pours, creating amazing 70 hour burn candles that you might think about eating or the smell might take you to a favorite memory.

8/24/21 we lost the creators main hype man due to Covid-19. The same pandemic that gave me inspiration almost took all my motivation.

I can’t gave it all up! I realized I have to continue to hype my self, my products, and others to honor what my Uncle saw and believed I could do! #llfatmac

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The Compassionate Investor

We are committed to chasing those illusive dreams.

If there are things to be had, then we are havin’ em. All of the things.

We will get those things, without making excuses or doubting ourselves.

We understand and believe that ARE the CULTURE, so we move accordingly.

Every time we dream of a goal - we are required to accomplish that goal because we deserve everything that we are committed to working for.

We celebrate ourselves.
We celebrate our accomplishments.

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I'm Frenchie, Aka the Dot Connector

I help Aspiring & Small entrepreneurs Build, Scale & Grow the back end of their Business
I’m Aurélie AKA Frenchie, a versatile independent Business Strategist.

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Simply Samone

Hi, my name is Nyla Samone McMichael. I am 10 years old, and proud owner of Simply Samone. I offer sassy, classy earring studs for any occasion. I have always loved accessories and fashion, and the idea of changing my earrings everytime I changed my outfit. Being surrounded by entrepreneurs I wanted to be one as well. So I decided to make earring studs that would appeal to anyone. I came up with a business plan, and my parents agreed. I had a business launch parth at a local coffee shop, and it was a huge success. I started my business at just 9 and sold over 200 earrings in 2 months. Having a business has been so fun, but also at times it can be challenging. I am a student and a kid entrepreneur so my days are long, but i love it and I am so excited to share my earrings with the world. I have a huge family support team that has helped me with my business. My amazing mom is my Manager and keeps my business going. My dad, my grandmothers, my grandfathers, and my entire family has all been so helpful, and supportive. Team work makes the dream work.

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Top Custom Branded Clothing Store in Euless

They say that you dress the way you want to be addressed. Mind of a Million takes on the responsibility of making you look fly no matter the occasion. A Mind can be surrounded with a million facts but still be unsure through the clothing I have shared that thought so can you. I have quality streetwear including joggers, hoodies, hats, and more. After all, fashion is better when you have a specialist at hand to help dress you with an outstanding look. Getting in touch with me is easy if you’re based in the Euless area. To get your hands on my clothes, you can get in touch on

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