Carlton Dotson

Patrick Dennehy was murdered in 2003 by his teammate Carlton Dotson. This led to the basketball scandal at Baylor. Carlton Dotson and Patrick Dennehy were seem as good friends and together they bought a pistol and a rifle because they felt like their safety was at risk. They practiced firing together at a farm north of Waco. People became concerned of Dennehys safety when his roommate returned from out-of-town and noticed that his dogs had not been fed for several days. As well as his parents not receiving a call on Father’s Day. On June 19, they had filed a missing persons report to the Waco Department Police. A search warrant for Dotson computer that was unsealed on June 30 says an informant told the Delaware Police Department that Dotson had shot and killed Dennehy while firing guns in Waco. Dotson was arrested and taken into custody July 21 charged with the murder of Dennehy. On July 25, Dennehy body was found in a gravel pit. Once the NCAA found out about Dennehy going missing they began to investigate allegations of drug-use by players and improper payment by coaches. This put Baylor on probation until 2010 and head coach Dave Bliss got a 10 year show-cause penalty.


I think college athletes should be paid. They are being used as the entertainment for colleges so why should they not get paid? Although getting a full ride is a big deal, it does not change the fact that college students are putting so much sacrifice in the things they do, so that we have something to look forward to on the weekends! In a way you could say that this is their job and they are putting in a lot of work. The NCAA is just trying to keep money to themselves but for what reason? What do they need all this money for. I do not think that the courts are handling these situations correct because it seems to belittle someone who puts in max effort 110% of the time. College athletes seem to get the short end of the stick on about everything they do. They are expected to be A+ role models but are not supposed to speak the opinions they feel about certain topics. This seems like it would cause an emotional toll on them because at the end of the day, they are still young adults trying to figure out life with such a big platform to succeed in!

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Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick chose to kneel as a way to protest inequality in the country. His intent was never to cause a disturbance but to respectfully decline what the United States was saying. He wanted to show to people that he understands the things going on in the world and he is wanting change. It takes a lot of effort for one to be different in front of so many people. It shows that you are passionate about whatever it is you are standing up for and in his case it was injustice and inequality in the U.S. The first amendment should be protection for everyone regardless of what they do as a profession. The first amendment gives everyone a voice and he chooses to use his. This is something he does as a way to show his people that he cares enough to make enough difference. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and politics can be opinion based when it comes to things you believe in. Not everyone likes what he is doing but he does not like the way things are so he is choosing to make his voice heard.

OJ Simpson

The OJ Simpson trial was something that most people watched even for a slight a bit to know if he had killed his ex-wife and her friend. OJ had to prove his innocence in the case and although he was acquitted of their murders. However, he was found guilty years later in a civil lawsuit. OJ Simpson was an American football player who played for 11 years in the NFL. Seeing a celebrity of his status be on trial for something very traumatic is shocking. Everything about the trial goes into how much money you have. During that time as a Black man he would not have been given the same ‘innocent until proven guilty’ idea of his trial, but instead ‘guilty until proven innocent’. With him being such a high watched celebrity people were always watching so the court had to treat him fairly. He is beyond blessed to have been a NFL player because any other Black male that is ever put in position especially during that time had very little chance of getting acquitted. His race did not effect his case as much as him being a celebrity did, with the way he was treated during the trial.

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Black Lives Matter

The NBA and WNBA are both wearing jerseys that are in connection to Black Lives Matter. The WNBA is calling for justice on behalf of Breonna Taylor with ‘Say Her Name’ on the back of the jerseys. The NBA has a mix of sayings on their jerseys from ‘Black Lives Matter’ to ‘Equality’ as well as many other sayings. This is a big step in the Black Lives Matter movement because Professional athletes are going out of their way to stand up for what they believe in. In both the NBA and the WNBA well over half the athletes are Black so it seems as though they feel connected to the situations involving police brutality because it is their community that is hurting. These athletes have felt that enough is enough because they have now gone out of their professions to try and teach and change the things going on around the world. They have broken their silence for what they believe. It goes deeper than just the players. Coaches as well as owners and NBA and WNBA as individuals are supporting the players and helping them speak and stand for what they believe in. This is a peaceful protest within sports.

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During the 1960s people were revolting because they wanted equal rights and wanted segregation to end and for everyone to be treated equal. Rioting and looting was a big part in these protest because when the people were silent nothing changed. They did almost everything they could to get attention to the problem they were having. If you look back at the 1960s it shows a clear resemblance of what we see today. People were fed up with how Black people were treated so they did something so that they could get equal rights. Civil unrest was a big thing during this time because police brutality was high. The way that we see police now is the same way they saw police in the 1960s. They are looked at as cowards and people who are incapable of doing their job. They find trouble where there is no trouble and somehow the end result is someone losing their life. Black Panthers were founded in 1966 and later White Panthers were founded who are white people that wanted to support the Black Panthers! The 1960s is history that should never be forgotten or mistaken with any other decade.

Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali became friends with Malcolm X after they went to a Nation of Islam rally in Detroit. Ali was nervous about coming out as a Islam because it was looked at as a hate organization. He did little things like giving up pork so people would not know everything he did. After he won against Liston he told the world he was part of the Nation of Islam. He changed his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. Ali and Malcolm X saw each other as significant figures in their life. They followed Elijah Muhammad because he was a leader. Malcolm X and Muhammad Alis friendship ended after Malcolm found out that Elijah had many children by different secretaries. Malcolm did not like that about Elijah so he quit following him. Ali did not agree with Malcolm for crossing Elijah. Although the friendship ended Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X still had a big impact on the world with politics and sports. These legends are still relevant today and with society.

Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson was the first Black football player at Rutgers College and he played 1915-1919. He was also only the third Black person to attend this college in the 149-years it was around. While playing football he got a lot of backlash. Not just by his team but also by his opponents. Some teams would refuse to play against Robeson because he was Black. For the 150-year anniversary of the school, he was unable to play because the other team would not play against him. Not only was he playing football but he was also on three other sports teams! Many times he would want to give up with his Father a pastor and former Slave he got advice on situations and how to handle them. His father taught him to know someone is always watching you because people look up to you. His father also taught him that no matter where he is a representative for all of the Black kids who wanted to go into white sports but also that Black kids could play with white sports at the collegiate level! He became a 2-time All-American! His response was to never give up because if you show giving up is not an option then you will have to find a way.

Josh Gibson

Josh Gibson was a great power hitter and catcher! Even better than some in the MLB. He was inducted to Baseball Hall of Fame 1972. He played for 16 years between 4 teams. He has over 800 home runs. He has also won the Negro World Series twice. He was compared several times to Jackie Robinson and some even believe he was better. Although he was a Black baseball player playing in the Negro League his stats were better than alot of the players in the Major League. He played baseball until he passed at the age of 35 from a stroke. This just shows how much work and effort he put into the sport. He was went into a coma and diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1943 and after regaining consciousness refused to have surgery but continued to play baseball with the consequences of headaches. In 2010, he was honored with Washington Nationals Ring of Honor, proving that he made an impact in Major League baseball even though he only played Negro League baseball.