Hello! I’m from Passionate Beauty Care

If you never try, you’ll never know. I’m glad you’re here!

Little about me - my name is Omar Irizarry & I’m from Puerto Rico, born, was raised till I was 7 years old, move to Nw York was raised there till 16 and the move to Florida where I’m currently Located.

I’m a former web & graphic designer. (Passionate Graphic) I make Logo, Website, Flyer, business card and more across the globe. I’m the owner of Passionate Beauty Care and I help thousands make money from Home without having to chase Friend and Family and at the same time have them looking Fresh in the process seen I have partnered with an amazing anti-aging skin + hair care company & get to share what I love and what made Passionate Beauty Care stand out and be different than others.

I love to travel and be able to enjoy the world, by helping, preaching, working as long as I have my laptop and WiFi so I could connected or just enjoying a vacation. 2020 put a dent into my travels but 2020 hasn’t end yet and I know before it ends Puerto Rico, India, Colombia, Venezuela, and Chile I’ll be there even if it connects to 2021!

Se Habla Español

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