About it all!

What is Passion 2 Profits with Peta J about?

I’ve always been known as a go getter - busy bee they use to call me when I was younger...

I’ve always loved doing my own thing, creating my own little side hustle... having money coming in from different avenues...


I went from free bird Peta living in Thailand for 5 years to full time burnt out 6 figure 70 hour week career women along with owning an online designer clothing boutique.

I knew...

I needed balance!
I felt like a caged eagle...
I knew I wanted money
I knew I wanted to do my own thing
I knew I wanted freedom and money together ...

However I felt like I was going to extreme opposites.
I was over treating my hobbies and lifestyle as a treat a “little thing” rather than it being my lifestyle!

Over 1 year ago I decided to go all in being my own boss!
I said bye bye to my 6 figure 6 year career and went into creating money my way!!!

What lights my soul alight!!!

No more having it be like breadcrumbs getting the left over Peta ...
It was getting the WHOLE PETA!

NO MORE side hustle! It was the main real deal!

So I’m here because....
I have a strong passion for showing other
Go-Getters that our passions and what we love will not be based around our spare time and our income.


We get to create our lifestyle from these passions!

I love everything to do with showing people how they can turn their “hobby/passion into profits!

How they can identify what their passion is and turn it into reality straight away!

Not only that, my love for fashion I believe we can dress to impress ourselves first, finding the right clothes and styles that fit our personality, character which all speaks from the same place...our passions.

So I believe we are to walk the talk in everyway...
We are a walking brand for our brand!

Let’s bring your passion to life!!!

Let’s make it be you not a part of you!

Love you all! ❤️
Sister Peta

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