Do you feel that being an immigrant woman has slowed down your career?

Are you feeling that being an immigrant woman has been more of a burden than a benefit?

See how to turn your immigration story into your best asset. It’s time to feel like the woman you were in your home country - Ambitious, Thriving & Fearless!

Does this sound familiar?

->You have tons of experience, but you still feel that everybody is better than you at work because you don’t have the certifications or experience outside of your home country

-> Your confidence is shaky because you feel like your English isn’t good enough and that your communication skills are your biggest handicap

-> Or you have great ideas that get stuck in your head, because you can’t get it out in English

-> You can’t see how to move forward in your current work, but at the same time you’re scared of talking to your boss about how to move up...

-> And the thought of looking for another job is even scarier - you casually browse LinkedIn, but get scared away because you don’t meet every requirement of the job description

-> You are hoping that all the hard work (and hours) you put in will get noticed, and your boss will recognize your worth

-> You’re secretly hoping you’ll get offered the promotion you’ve been waiting months (or years!) for -- but deep down you’re not sure if you’d get it anyway

-> You feel so unappreciated at work that no matter what you do or what you say it feels that the needle is not moving towards the perfect job you always dreamt of…

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The Problem is…

You have been working long hours, getting certification after certification, reading books, listening to podcasts that have been giving you a bit of a push (that last as long as the span of attention of a 2 years old) without realizing that you haven’t worked on the most important element: the CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF!

How would it feel to…

• Have control of your career again

• Have purpose and work in what you always dream

• Make your family proud and be the inspiration for your kids

• Stop feeling the victim at work and reflecting this in the rest of your life

• Earn the money you know you are worth

• Get the confidence to speak up

I can help you get there!!!


A program that helps immigrant women to get the confidence they lost and level up their career by:

● Helping you handle your inner critic and turning it into your ally rather than your enemy

● Showing you how to communicate effectively at work so you can authentically show your

● Get clarity about your ideal career and job

● And finally a step by step plan that will give you the focus you need to achieve what you want for your career

This is what some of my clients got from the program

“ The program gave me the push I needed to resign my job and fire my boss just in the first week”
Melissa, Senior Event Manager

“I had a massive massive change in the relationship with myself”
Carolina, Business Analyst

“The program had an impact in my health and morning routine by waking up everyday motivated and making the most of my day”
Maria Ines, Financial Director

“The program gave me the confidence I am showing right now in interviews and I am performing much better by seeing the interviews from a different point of view”
Maria Ines, Financial Director

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Ready to get your confidence back?

You will take a journey that will start with your Mind (real changes only happen if you train your mind first). You will see all the potential you have inside of you by learning how to take control of your thoughts and the sabotage that sometimes we do to ourselves.
Then you will start feeling brave enough to speak up more confidently at work, in interviews or with your boss (or in the board of directors meeting) with practical strategies that you can apply the next day and see straight results ( I call them “small victories”)
And finally I will hold your hand in your step by step plan (once you have a crystal clear vision of the life you want to live) so you won’t feel alone or lost ever again by getting the support of someone that has been there before several times!!

I am ready sign me in!

This is how the program will be delivered to you…

All from the comfort of your home via Zoom at a time that doesn’t clash with your work or putting the kids in bed

The first module

The first module/week of the program you’re going to take a deep dive into YOU and understand what makes you amazing both in life and in your career so we can start to play off your strengths and enable you to rise up in your career

The second module

The second module/week you’re going to develop a deep sense of confidence in yourself and your story. You’ll also learn how to stop your inner critic voice so you can start shining in your life and bring that confidence to work

The third module

By the third module/week you’re going to understand what is keeping you from shining at work and develop strategies to be able to share your thoughts and opinions clearly and effectively so you can start positively standing out in the workplace.

The fourth module

In module/week 4 you’re going to create your ideal life and career vision so you know exactly what you want and have the endless motivation to achieve it

The final module

And the final 2 weeks I’m going to help you create an action plan to achieve your ideal life and career vision, making each step easy and effective so every day you can see progress towards what you want

But also you can get this…

● A community of like minded women who like you want a change

● Confidence to ask for what you are worth at work and in interviews

● Improving the relationship with yourself and others

● Love yourself again

And you even get…

● Over 6 hours of coaching dedicated to you so we can chat about what is bothering you & create solutions to move forward

● A WhatsApp group with me and the other ladies in the program so you never feel alone

● Your own Inner critic check in Journal to get all those thoughts out of your system and feel powerful again

● A guided meditation playlist to start practicing daily habits to feel powerful from the inside out

● A career confidence boost playlist to keep the energy up every single day

● A curated list of podcasts and TED talks that will help you keep the high positive energy throughout every step of the program

● An affirmation quick sheet to start getting you into believing how amazing you are

“Working with Patricia gave me the confidence I needed by teaching me tools and ideas that I never thought about it, opening up my mind to see things differently”

Melissa, Senior Event Manager

About Me

Hi, I’m Patricia

I’m a career confidence coach who focuses on helping immigrant women to gain confidence and elevate their professional career. I have a two decade-long successful corporate career where I worked my way into my dream role of helping teams and individuals get the best from them and deliver amazing tech products. I started from zero. I had no network, no family to rely on, no MBA, or money, no International experience just me and the belief that a better future was waiting for me outside my beloved home country (Venezuela).
Now after living in 4 different countries, working in male dominated industries like Tech, breaking stereotypes, being made redundant twice, coaching teams and individuals around the world and being a mum of two I decided to begin my career coaching business, while still climbing to the top of my profession.
Other people like me (immigrants, with an accent, and different from the crowd) started asking how I could help them get ahead too.
That’s how I began and now I want to share with you all that I know because I truly believe immigrant women deserve to be recognised for their true value, the value that we knew we had back in our home countries and that somehow we lost once we made probably one of the hardest, bravest and biggest decisions in our lives.

What my clients say about the program

My promise is to show immigrant women the way to become what they want to be unapologetically and rise up to their full potential.

Here some of the results you can get from the program


María Alexandra


María Ines


1. I am super busy with work, kids and life. How much time do I need to invest?

The program is totally online with Zoom calls once a week for the first 4 weeks. These sessions will be done at night time so you can be at home and plan ahead for having a couple of hours to yourself.You can book your coaching sessions at the time that is best for you. Every week we will have some exercises to go through that shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours per week. Also the calls will be recorded just in case you can’t be there on the day

2. Will this work for me?

The program will give you all the tools you need to move yourself into a better version of you so you can start seeing results from week 1. However this program will only work if you are fully

committed and participate. I can offer all the information and tools but if you don’t go about this intentionally, you won’t create lasting change. Part of this program is trusting me and the process, but also learning to trust yourself. But it’s important for you to know that you will have my guidance each step of the way and that you will be building an incredible support system with the other women who are on this journey as well

3. I can’t afford the full amount of the program. Is there any other way of payment?

Don’t worry you can spread the cost of the program in one, two or three installments during the program. Let’s have a chat about how we can do it. The only thing you need to do first to secure a place is to reserve it with 10% of the cost of the program and the rest can be spread out