Patricia p kilty

Tell the world what you’re made of

Welcome to my perfectly imperfect journey in life ✨

I have so much to tell you about me, but I don't think this is long enough 🙈 so in short this is the gist of it

From homeless, teaching assistant, working two jobs 16 hours a day to self love advocate/Entrepreneur.

I was working two jobs 16 hour days & I still ended up homeless as I wasn't able to pay my rent each month, there was more money going out then coming in.

I'll never forget the day my life changed, I was on my knees crying asking God to give me something, give me a sign, I can't go on like this.. please.

I knew I was made for more, I knew there was more out there for me,

All I ever wanted to do was help people, change their mind change their lives, show them how they could have their freedom back & that you don't have to build other people's dreams while yours go to waste & fade away before your eyes & suddenly it's too late & you’re full with regret.

That day I prayed to God my prayers were answered, he put this opportunity right in front of me. If I'm being honest it knocked me right in my ass. I had £79 in my bank account and the opportunity was £77 - without hesitation, I did it, I paid the £77 & lived off 10c noodles for the rest of that week

It was the best decision, I ever made coz now I get to-

Inspire Driven Women to Build Their Ideal Lives Through Online Automation

The best part about it is I get to work anywhere in the world.

I'm still at the beginning of my perfectly imperfect journey but would love to share it with you so you can build your ideal life

If any of this resonates with you, send me a message & let's chat.

Patricia p ❤️