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I'm 22 years old and based in Europe, Slovenia🇸🇮! I always did everything people told me to do.

I attended law school which for me was a real nightmare. I was thinking that by having a good school and a degree I will reach freedom. Because I was always aiming for that feeling of freedom. But I never felt completly happy.

While being a full time law student, I was also having 2 jobs. One was in a coffeehouse and one was in a night club. I always had 2 jobs because I loved the feeling of having 2 separate income streams. But did that make me happy? Definitely NOT!

I was exhausted all the time switching between school lessons, studies, coffehouse job and night club job. I was overworked, underpaid, my sleep schedule didn't even exist, I was moody all the time but I rarely complained. I was always a hardworking person and because of being busy all the time not even having time for going out or hanging with my friends I thought, that by sacrificing all thay I will reach freedom.

But then I learned that this busy life got me nowhere. I started searching for alternatives. I started product based business which did not went well. I lost a lot of money and got myself into a debt being only 18 years old. Then I tried making my way in some other service based business where I was working my ass off made some money but never got to the level I wanted.

Along trying to create my freedom in 2 different businesses, I still worked 2 jobs and had a school. Still overworked, underpaid, with big debts and depression kicking in.

Fast forward, I found a company I am currently in. I am an investor, digital entrepreneur and I mentor other people how to do the same!✨

Having my money work for me has been life changing.

Now, my purpouse in life is to share my knowledge with others and teach them how to be financially free. My online business helps others invest in themselves and in the financial markets. I make my own hours, travel whenever I want, and I have a freedom to work from anywhere.

If you've always wanted to be your own boss, now is your chance! Message me to join the team today!✨