Show the world what you are made of, Telling it is simply not Enough.

Patty- Short for Patricia. Those that really love me call me Pat.

Ok, I know I lost you. Pat has “A neighbor welcoming you to your brand new home with an apple pie” ring to it.

I’ll take it. I was born & raised in DADE. AKA “305” till I die. My mom is really Cuban & my dad is really Italian. Guess that makes me CRAZY. I added to that when I decided to have two beautiful baby girls with the realest & purest love of my life. They are half Dominican. & I’ve never felt closer to the Caribbean then I do now.

Latina is my blood type, a flow that’s pretty hard to top considering how well cultured we tend to be.

I’m a lover of learning through different mind coaching audios, traveling, & heart beating literacy. Which brings me to my favorite topic...EVER, like ever, LOVE.

I tend to navigate my evolution through love. Self love, a tough one for a lot of us that claim it with words but lack the action.

Everyday I choose LOVE & I know your reading, scrolling down trying to see & figure out everything I am supposed to be successful for....

In actuality, I need you to know this
“I am just a woman, that woke up one day & declared a path to success, through the divine power of LOVE.”

The special part about me, (PAT) is that I help others change their current situations. Change is a driving force. You have to want it, like really really want it.

I mentor women in FIVE different countries & counting to be more then just ENTREPRENEURS. I teach them to Fall in love with the person they are intended to be in this world. Free yourself of limiting beliefs. MONETIZE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS & let MONEY WORK FOR YOU... not the other way around! A systematic belief that is intended to keep you stuck. Stuck as in thinking 100k a year is goals when in reality that could be your monthly revenue.

When you align Purpose with Opportunity great things happen. The universe is speaking to you.

Life hands us chances, choices & opportunities.

TAKE A CHANCE, MAKE THE CHOICE & go for every opportunity thrown your way.

It’s not a coincidence... it’s meant to be. &
One last thing before I go, it’s ok to be scared ACT ON FEAR & you become FEARLESS.